Oh hey there!

It’s been a busy week so far and it’s only Tuesday so let’s get straight to the good stuff! (My mercury in Aries loves to be direct).

Following the Equinox that we had on Monday, September 22nd we are now approaching a new moon at 1 degree of Libra exact on:

Tuesday, September 23rd at 11:14 pm PST
or at 2:14 am on September 24th for east coasters.

All new moons are potent times because when the Sun and the Moon come together (the masculine and the feminine energies respectively) there is a huge surge of energy which activates a new lunar cycle and the energy of new beginnings.

The best way to use the electric energy of a new moon is to focus it on intention setting, starting new projects, and/or simply starting to line things up for the future.

So here’s the million dollar question….

Why is this new moon different from all other new moons?

This new moon is powerful because it is backed by the Eclipse which acted a gateway to a new season and a shift in energy AND our dear friend (Astrologers are allowed to laugh) Pluto who just stationed direct on Monday as well.

The combination…..

Let me see what the best way to explain what all this energy is doing…hmmm…how do you say….. (got it)…making shit happen!

First up the new moon in the beautiful romantic, artistic, and cooperative….(until you get them alone and then ask them what they really think) sign of Libra.

(Sorry, not sorry for outing you Libras!)

The focus and themes for this new moon energy….drum roll please……balance and relationships.




Wanted to make sure I still had your attention.

With the planetary ruler of Libra being Venus, we are entering new territory in lovvvvve like we’ve never seen it before…or at least since April 14th of this year when Pluto stationed retrograde. (More on that shortly!)

Whether you’re in a relationship now or looking for someone that actually calls instead of texts (oops my problem, not yours) or open to receiving true love in your life then your focus should be on balancing your emotional body (your reactions) and trying learn balance and come to win-win situations with all your relationships.

This simple yet complex energy exchange will help you relate to people in a more honest and vulnerable way.

Tips for activating love and relationships in your life:

Your 2nd chakra, which is your Sacral Chakra, governs creativity, sexuality, finances, and one-to-one relationships.  Since this is the theme for this new moon it would be help you to add this activation point into your daily mediation.

(notice I said daily meditation, hint hint).

You can do this simply by focusing on the area above your groin and below your belly button and imagine a beautiful vibrant orange color flowing into that area (front and back).

This is a good place to start to bring more awareness to that energy point on your body. Notice if anything comes up and write it down. Be open to receiving the messages from your higher self and guides.

Final thoughts on the Libra new moon….

Make sure you set your intentions around the time of the new moon and up to a day or two after it.

Where is 1 degree of Libra in your birth chart? If you have planets or points near 1 degree of Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn then this new moon will be activating something for you!

Mantras for the New Moon:

I have a healthy relationship with my higher self

I AM aware of how my reactions affect other people

I AM whole and complete and I welcome a partner who is emotionally balanced as well

I AM grateful for the relationships currently in my life.


I’ve decided to break up this post and discuss Pluto tomorrow so stay tuned and make sure to sign up for the newsletter down below to ensure you don’t miss this post! Facebook is very questionable these days!

Happy New Moon in Libra to you – may all your wishes and desires manifest beyond your wildest dreams!

Love and light,