Welcome to your new moon in Gemini…where words are an aphrodisiac.

Breathe deeply as today is the start of a new cycle.

Gemini is known as the twins and for very good reason. You see, Gemini is about more than one. More than one idea….more than one solution…more than one feeling…more than one expression.

You get it…

Double the pleasure, double the fun?

Hellllll yeah says Gemini

(And F yeah says the other twin!) Psst, the other twin is definitely a little “devil”. Right Gemini’s? I know you!

Gemini is the sign that gathers more info than google, which is great but could make you go bonkers at times.

Ever know a Gemini to be all over the place? Yeah it’s because they have to.

They’re quick. They’re meant to move both mentally and physically in order to gather, share, connect, and deliver the messages to the world.

So how does this apply to you even if you aren’t a Gemini?

(Pssst part 2, you all have Gemini somewhere in your chart even if it’s not your sun sign. I’m a Taurus sun with a Venus in Gemini…oh the irony in that! ….a story for another day. But I’ll give you a hint, Taurus wants stability and Gemini wants diversity. Oy. You can imagine the fun balancing that one! Lol)

See, sidetracked in true Gemini fashion.

Back to the important words.

On this new moon which is exact at 25 degrees of Gemini at 7:05 am pst we have it making contact with mercury (the ruler of Gemini).

This is important for several reasons especially since mercury just went direct after a 3 week retrograde.

This new moon is about speaking your mind and with Mars in the mix it’s adding an extra zing! to it.

Got diarrhea of the mouth right now? Sorry, had to go there because I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest with this energy.

Note, this energy will amp up over the next 24 hours but as always it’s up to you to use it to your advantage.

Mars in play with this new moon asks you to have courage to start something new or to begin to plants the seeds of what you desire for your highest good. It’s helping you take action where you might have been stuck during the retrograde cycle.

Read…highest good…not your ego because since this new moon is also making a hard aspect to Neptune, the energy is “prompting” you to share and create your messages and new moon wishes with compassion and love….less ego in your desires

(trust me I get the irony in that last statement but it’s Gemini we’re talking about here….polarity at its finest) .

You can use this energy to get very clear on what you want. It doesn’t always mean that it’s going to manifest right now (but that also means that it could as well!) because as always there is a greater plan for all of you in the works and the universe doesn’t work on ego time….it works on divine time.

Ohhhh! That was a good one!

Gemini rules the nervous system, lungs, and hands so channel your words and energy through your body and have it pour out your mouth to communicate your messages in a clear and concise way. Or carry the flow through and out your hands by healing, writing or journaling your messages so that the world can hear and feel them.

All in all, it’s time to share and this new moon wants you to explore all your options as at times…two heads are better than one.

Happy new moon in Gemini! May your wishes double in love and luck and may you have so many options that you’re able to give some to others as well. xo

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