July 16th, 2014

Things are about to get a little bit brighter!

Cue Rihanna’s shine bright like a diamond …



Now that I have your attention.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, faith, and well, yeah…at times can we say a little bit of excess? (Yes, we sure can when we’re dealing with Jupiter!) has officially moved out of the watery inner emotional realms of Cancer and into the fiery and bold energy of…drum roll please……..Leo! (Cue confetti, sparkles, and noisemakers!)

Jupiter has been traveling through Cancer since June of 2013 and as the energy of Jupiter is about growth and expansion we’ve had a push from the Universe to get more emotionally involved…or for some I can say introduced to their..ahem…emotions.

(Hello emotions, my name is (fill in blank) nice to meet you. I’ve been shoving you down for years and I guess it’s time we got to know each other since you seem to stick around even though I try to ignore you…)

Back to your public service announcement

As Jupiter was in Cancer you’ve had the opportunity to look more closely into the matters of home and family as well as our own primal nurturing and security needs. You’ve spent a great deal of time (whether you realize it or not, that’s how the planets work) lingering in and fine tuning your inner world.

Now that Jupiter has moved into Leo this energy is about to turn the heat up and it’s gonna be a hot one as Jupiter will be moving through Leo until August 2015.

Author’s note, please read!!!

Hear ye, hear ye…(Gotta get a little royal all up in here since we’re dealing with Leo!) Even if you aren’t a Leo sun you ALL have it in your birth chart somewhere and many of you have planets in there again, even if you aren’t a Leo Sun. For example, I’m a Taurus sun, however my Saturn and Mars are both in Leo and it (Leo) rules my 8th house of shared resources, intimacy and trust. So for me, this area of my life will be getting a different kind of growth/expansion. Make sense?

Ok, great! Let’s continue….

Leo is a fire sign and when dealing with this element we’re working with the energy of inspiration. Have you ever seen a person who is a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) or who has lots of fire in their chart and they’re dull, monotone, and can pass for Ferris Buller’s teacher?


Ok hopefully I didn’t just age myself but even if I did I’m OK with it! With age comes wisdom, remember that!

Leo is a celebration of the individual; it’s creative and whereas Cancer energy is more inward directed, Leo energy is outward directed so again we see themes of more growth and expansion in expressive (key word!) ways.

What also comes to mind when talking about Jupiter is spirituality and faith.

Jupiter asks you to open up and seek more meaning in life. Expand your consciousness and find the deeper purpose in your spiritual journey. As it moves through Leo it’s time to have FUN with it.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be so serious. Yes, there is wisdom and maturity that is gained when you open up and believe in something greater than yourself, however, with it moving through Leo it’s prompting all of us to do so in a fun, heartfelt, and expressive way so that you can help encourage others.

Leo energy is strong on leadership and as Jupiter makes its way through this sign it’s time to open up about your faith and spirituality and show the world it’s time for you to GROW and EXPAND beyond your emotional fears.

Find your strength and courage, celebrate the journey, and lead by creative example…that is the journey of our dear friend, Jupiter in Leo!

Look to see where Leo is in your birth chart and that house (area of life) will be getting a nice new burst of energy.

Not sure where Leo is or how Jupiter affects you personally? Book a private chart reading with me and I can walk you through that and so much more!

Enjoy this new energy shift as new ideas and opportunities are coming!

Lots of love!