Please bear with me as I deliver this message from the deepest parts of my soul. I never do anything half ass and these words need to be shared because they are my truth and it’s important to me that the whole story is heard.

Please read this before you jump to any conclusions.  I am showing you my most vulnerable state so you can truly know how important it is to think about all this before you decide to put in fake boobs 🙂  But I also respect you doing whatever you want to do with YOUR body. I’m simply sharing what many won’t tell you. Please devote yourself to reading this as I’m speaking from my heart.

On Sept 3, 2021 on a Venus Day (Friday) with the moon conjunct my natal sign of cancer (which rules the breasts) and a grand earth trine (body) In the astrological chart of the exact time my operation started I underwent a 4.5 hour surgery in Clevland Ohio (some of you guest it from my stories!) – a Bilateral Capsulectomy & repair of the pectoralis major muscle along with a mastopexy aka lift. Yo I’m 43 and had sacks in them for years lol. Which in English means I removed my breast implants that have been in my body and energy field for 20 years. No they don’t just pop them out and go. It’s actually a big deal….

Yes, I know 20 years is a long time and I’m being honest when I say I forgot they were there most of the time. I’m not going to lie, my most crucial years of growth happened with these as the projected image of who I am/was and what I looked like so to now witness myself without this is a wild mindf*ck. But it will be ok because I have committed to the deepest self love lesson in this lifetime.

I am here for myself and my body like I never have before. They were in for so long because they didn’t bother me…until they did. For some, breast implant illness is huge and they need to come out right away. I want to let you know that everyone who has implants has breast implant illness to a degree, the symptoms are just not as obvious. Lymphatic back up, gut problems, hormonal problems, low iron, hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, etc you can live like this. Most people do and think it’s normal but that’s not how I want to continue living my life.

ANNND I took them out for deeper reasons as well. You will learn if you continue reading. It’s important for all women to hear.

I know many of you have witnessed my health crisis and think this is what I must have gotten sick from. With all due respect to strangers on the internet, I ask you to keep your opinions to yourself because you have NO idea of my actual journey. I post a lot online but everyone thinks they know what others are going through. Trust me, I have asked that question to spirit AND asked several medical intuitives that I trust to make sure I wasn’t missing something because of ego. They all got the same info that spirit gave to me.

My health crisis (found on @cosmicbodypodcast) would have happened with or without these in. I needed to go through that to learn how to take care of myself and be more connected to my body. It was a soul contract FOR ME. I channel so much that its so easy for me to be in the galactic realms. My soul is 12D and this earth plane is hard for me at times because it’s so dense and slow. I struggled with that growing up and would take it out on my body because I felt like a prisoner in it. This was part of the polarity for me to learn deep unconditional love of myself.

The implants did not cause MY lyme and everything else that I went through etc BUTTTT (thank god that’s still there!) I will tell you that my implants DID NOT make anything easier. In fact they made it so much worse.

I have brought myself back from the depths of hell with sickness and I’m SO much better. AND I had still hit a wall. For me to be an even more clear channel and activate even more of my gifts for my next level of evolution these 3D low vibration sacks needed to come out. They block your chi. There is no way around that and they are sitting on your heart chakra. (Keep reading for more of what happened after they came out).

It was that clear to me. This was 50% health and 50% spiritual growth/reconnection to my truth. I did this to regain all parts of my soul. I did this to honor myself fully, madly, and deeply.

Please hear me out. I have ZERO shame for getting them in when I was 23. I need you to understand that because so many blame themselves and hold onto that vibration. I got these 20 years ago before I had the consciousness that I do now. In fact I used to smoke cigarettes in college too LOL You must be able to laugh at yourself and allow for forgiveness from the past. AND I’m gonna tell you me and my boobs had a great run! To be very real I love how they looked on me, they weren’t “too” big for my frame and I still felt they were tastefully done. Yet as they say, ce la vie!!!

As with everything in life we must allow for change and that level of consciousness did not align anymore with who I am. Please note I am NOT shaming anyone if you have them. You do you. I am only sharing MY journey. But I’m going to share the real and raw with you.

I am here to do even more in the world and I need my health and channels open 100%. These were an old vibration and they do NOT match where I’m going.

My explant: This is how this all came to be…..

I would be lying though if I didn’t tell you that before the surgery I was terrified to see what I look like after 20 years…what a mindf*ck that is of waking up one day without them. But again it was an illusion to have them to begin with, wasn’t it? So here I am going through this and will share everything with you. We need more honestly on social media..

I would be lying though if I didn’t tell you that before the surgery I was terrified to see what I look like after 20 years…what a mindf*ck that is of waking up one day without them. But again it was an illusion to have them to begin with, wasn’t it? So here I am going through this and will share everything with you. We need more honestly on social media.

In 2019 I got the hit from spirt that it was time for my implants to come out, but like many I had cognitive dissonance and wasn’t ready (I knew but I also knew it wasn’t the “expiration” date yet). I knew I needed more time to accept this so I told spirit let me know when it’s final and my time was running up. I let it go. Actually, I forgot all about them, just like I had for 20 years because they didn’t bother me….but of course they were we just aren’t always aware of it.

Then in March 2021 I got the download and I knew I couldn’t ignore it. Spirit came back to me with my the final exit point. For MY specific soul’s journey it was time. That was a tough pill to swallow as I have gone about my life for 20 years not even thinking about them. And damn they were nice! lol. They didn’t even feel foreign in my body ever. I came to know this unnatural state as my natural…like most people with their health….

So, I made my first appt. I dipped my toe in the water because that’s all I was capable of doing at the time. I knew many people who went to a Dr. In Florida and since I was traveling there I told myself let me just make the appointment and “see”. No pressure. It was my way of opening the door without forcing myself in yet. I went. And…although he was very kind and compassionate Dr. I knew he wasn’t my Dr. (Nothing against him it was simply a soul contract with another I would come to find out later).

Leaving that appointment. I just knew it was time. I can’t explain it. I just new. And so I am thankful for him for that. Over a wild turn of events from people I met online In the explant community I ended getting a callback from Dr. Feng (She is AMAZING!!!!!!! Her entire staff is incredible. I will do a whole post on that!) in Cleveland Ohio. She is one of the top in the world for explants because this is a way bigger and more detailed surgery than you would first think. No they don’t just pop them out. (Also more on that later). After some messages from spirit and a dream, which I will share, I knew she was my Dr.

I was writing parts of this from a beautiful Air BnB that cost me more money than I would like to admit but I knew I needed to be in the right environment to heal (emotionally and physically) as I am worthy of it. Plus if I woke up in a 3 star hotel with small tits all of a sudden I would have lost my shit lol (Human Danielle talking there. Facts on facts lol. Hello Taurus sun, Cancer moon)

Deep Healing: 

I spent the ENTIRE summer moving through old emotions, old pain, old wounds that I had toward my body. When we put a bandaid on something it suppresses it but we’re not getting to the root. For 20 years I had a bandaid on. And while I never actually hated my boobs before. I did speak badly about my body in general. So in a way the boobs were a distraction. *Cue pacifier: Give the girl perfect tits to distract from all the other times she didn’t speak kindly to her body. (Almost every woman can relate I’m just allowing you inside 23 year old Danielle)

For 3 months over the summer I went deep into shadow work, going back to 23 year old Danielle – the one who felt she needed these in the first place. It’s been brutal to say the least and I have more that will be coming up as this journey just truly began. But I have an awareness now that I didn’t have at 23. I have a deep love for myself that I didn’t have then. And just as my body must heal, so too must my old programs and emotions as well. I allow and invite all of them that is no longer aligned with the highest good to leave so I can continue to be an even clearer channel for the highest good.

I needed to wait until after the surgery to share this publicly because I needed it to be clear of any energetic interference. Spirit showed me how I needed the surgery room to be crystal clear like a sound bowl. I began energetically (with their higher self permission of course) working on all the drs in the room and griding the surgery center days before the surgery. I am so grateful for the friends who were praying for me at the actual time of surgery and who have been supporting me behind the scenes on this extremely emotional life change. Ps- it’s hard to fully understand how personal this is until you are forced to remove the one thing that we as a society identify as feminine. On the day of the surgery, 30 minutest before I went under, opened the akashic records so I was in them while under anesthesia. And something beautiful happened when I woke up.

It’s been months behind the scenes working up to this. Working with an embodiment coach, crying, healing, releasing, shedding, etc and right now l am in pain. I am relieved . I am also happy to be alive, I am nervous. I had a couple moments of some self hate still for my body because I’m looking at someone totally different but overall I am WAY more compassionate and confident that I ever thought I would be especially since I’m still a little swollen, my stomach is big and my boobies are smaller lol. But I am starting to feel sexy again. Yes, I am all the things a human could possibly be.  And that’s ok. This is the human journey. And I’ve been told by spirit I contracted this to learn to love myself even more. Yes the health crisis was that lesson as well and there is always more layers to go. My soul didn’t come there to mess around apparently lol.

 Explant – The real and raw!

So here I am. Vulnerable in all my humanness. Sharing with you what led me to do this in the first place was years of looking at magazines growing up and comparing myself to others. It was never about a man for me. It was worse.

It was a betrayal of my own self love.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with enhancing something that you are not comfortable with. But where do we draw the line and say it’s ok to put toxic bags in you that impact your health and lower your vibration (as they are filled with over 40 different heavy metals and chemicals) and be told they are safe. I don’t care what any plastic surgeon says, they are NOT safe! The real Dr’s know this and won’t even put them in anyones body anymore. Again, I am not here to shame anyone. Simply raise awareness that I didn’t have then I got them in.

That is a problem in the world. And let me tell you that was the story 20 years ago for me. That is a story we were/are sold. Just like other things now claiming to be safe. They are not tested long enough to even be able to make that statement. But alas people have to learn the hard way. I did. But I have no shame. You see that what happens when you work on yourself. You’re able to admit you were sold a lie and move on without projecting your own pain onto others. I take FULL responsibility for every action in my life.

Breast implants now have a BLACK BOX warning on them which has been required by law because of so many lawsuits and because they have been linked to cancers especially Lymphoma. The fact that Dr’s put them in people with cancer is so frightening!! Yes I have so much compassion for people getting breast removed but this is another lie of western medicine that they will have to deal with later on. My heart goes out to them.

Spirit showed me that if I continued down this path with them in that is a possible timeline that I would develop Lymphoma. They showed me this deep in my bones. I knew it was forming in the background. We always have free will. In fact The Arcturians told me that they knew

I was going to get these in AND they knew I was going to get them out lol It was my experience to be had on this earth plane.

Yes The Arcturians can talk to you about anything. Even your boobies. 🙂

Someone out there needs to hear why I took my implants out…

– I took them out for my younger self who felt she needed them to look better.

– I took them out for the woman that I am becoming.

– I took them out for all the women watching me that think they needed implants to look better as well.

– I took them out for my future daughter so she is not born with extra toxins in her while I breastfeed etc and so she can trust that her body is perfect as is.

– I took them out to honor myself with the deepest love possible.

– I took these out for my health, my heart, and my divinity – that I am in fact whole. That I am not broken. That there is nothing wrong with me. That I don’t have to look a certain way based on societal standards. That I am still beautiful no matter what.

– And I took these out to regain my sovereignty, claim my worth, open my channel even more and rise into my next level queendom.

For clarification, I didn’t not love myself before. Truly, it was something that was an option at the time and it looked great. So, I did it at 23. But I am here to tell you I am now forced to learn to love my physical even more. Some may not ever have to but for my journey of mastery I came here for it all.  Being as vulnerable as I can here because spirit told me…

What happened when I woke up

That my journey is going to help women all over the world. I have always loved my soul and my personality. I know I’m amazing and magical. There truly isn’t anyone else like me and I know that. (Same for you). But there has always been a disconnect with my body (hence my podcast cosmicbodypodcast). It always comes back to the body for me because my soul has done so many magical things in many lifetimes, many dimensions, and many realities. And I still have those powers but I came back for the missing piece of my soul’s evolutionary journey – to learn how to be and love in a body that is dense on the 3d plane. This is why I continually move energy for you in the moon circles. It’s what changed my life.

So here I am.

In all my rawness.

I will accept you body.

I will take care of you.

I will love you back to wholeness and I will teach other women along the way with my vulnerability and truth.

I’m choosing ME….because I GET to do all those things.

My feminine essence is more than the size of my breasts. In fact it has nothing to do with that. My heart is larger than any fake tits can ever be 🙂 ps the ass is real. I promise LOL God wanted me to ground my energy here on earth. 🙂

Please know I am healing, I’m still in pain throughout the day and healing my emotional wounds (the work has just begun and I have many mountains to climb) BUT the emotional has been easier than I thought because of the deep work I did leading up to this.

Just as I am healing my physical pain and wounds and I can only accept space for love right now. I will not allow anything else in my field.  So if you are not able to look at your own shadow and feel the need to project onto me. Please leave. This space is for those who lead with love.

Thank you for honoring my journey.  The heal is so real. Drains. scars. Bruised. Energetic field tampered. Can’t lift arms for 2 weeks. Can’t carry anything over 5 pounds for 6 weeks. And I guess this means a new wardrobe too!

The Shock!

The pain for 4 days was pretty horrific. I’m not gonna lie but I will tell you this. I was scared to wake up without them. I thought I would start crying right away because in my head I was afraid I would feel ugly and butchered.

To my HUGE surprise the moment I came back to consciousness after surgery I felt a HUGE energetic block, that I didn’t feel before, leave! AND I heard my higher self say, thank good those are out!!! I immediately felt a relief, yes me who knew I needed to do this was kicking and screaming to the end, that I can’t explain.


I WAS PREPARING MYSELF FOR 3 MONTHS TO handle the ugly cry that was coming because my perfect boobs were gone! LOL I can’t really explain what happened, in fact I don’t need to. It was a beautiful moment with my soul that I will never forget. I felt a wholeness that I didn’t know was missing…..then the pain kicked in and that was a whole other story lol

Then, I was high AF and started giving the nurse a psychic reading LOL. Well. Danielle 2.0 was back!! No joke. Straight out of the operating table let me tell you your future! 🙂

Ps-I’m not perfect. I’m still going to do things you don’t agree with and that’s fine because it’s my life, my journey & my decisions. No one has to live up to expectations from stranger’s online. I only live up to Gods.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope this helps someone else out there. Feel free to message me if you’re going through an explant. I will do my best to help.


Ps -Please check my Instagram Live and my saved stories on my page for more information and resources: @iamdaniellepaige