May Full Moon Virtual Circle – Tap Into Your New Timeline

BONUS: This moon circle has been discounted to only $30 this time for everyone to experience the magic!! 

This full moon is in Sagittarius and even if you don’t have your sun sign in Sag, it doesn’t matter you’re still gonna feel it! 🙂

THINK BIG, AIM FOR THE STARS, AND EXPAND YOUR FIELD says the full moon in Sagittarius!

On this call we will clear the chatter of your monkey mind from the old beliefs in your subconscious inner child programming that get in the way and make space for your dreams.


It’s a moment in time where we all come together and create a sacred virtual circle filled with music (just like in ancient drum circles) to help raise your vibration and ground and unite our heartbeats with the sacred rhythms of the universe.

Remember, energy is not limited to space and time so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We will all be uniting our energies together to create more than we can on our own. Intention is everything and we will raise the energy of the group so that we can manifest at a higher frequency.

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to jump on the call as I will explain everything in an easy to understand language that I am known for.


There is valuable ancient wisdom that you can receive with the moon phases, changing of seasons and transformative event in the cosmos.

Because As above, so below.
When you learn to apply that knowledge through ritual and teachings you can integrate the traditions and the natural cycles of the Universe into your daily life.

That is where I come in. I help provide a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds in a practical, modern day approach!

Let’s face it, you’re a modern material girl/guy living and dipping your toe into a spiritual world. I get it because it’s the story of my life! And for added bonus, (drumroll please…) I’m a master at making sense out of what feels like makes no sense! There is a reason for everything we just have to open ourselves up to the divine intelligence occurring around and within us – and we will do that together.

There is magic that happens when we connect with the Universal life force energy and bring it down to a practical level.

That was amazing. So amazing that I cried. My new scroll said “you are loved” not sure why I’m conditioned at this time to question that. Maybe because of things I’ve done. But wow. Just wow it was glorious. Can I ask what three songs you used? They were very powerful for me. Thanks again. Worth every penny.


Hi Danielle, I did your full moon circle for the first time and it will not be my last. It took me to a place where I needed to heal that I did not know about. Thank you thank you thank you! For all that you do. It’s people like you that I’ve been these past few months that helping me become my highest self - i can’t thank you enough.

Hi Danielle, thank you SO much for this healing circle!! I released so many emotions and limiting beliefs that I thought I had already healed! I feel so grounded and at peace right now.


I listened to my first ever Full Moon Circle tonight (although I’ve been obsessed with all you post for over a year now). Tonight’s meditation has changed my entire outlook on my life. Things that have been blocking me have cleared. I’m in such a state of gratitude and falling asleep with a huge smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you! 11:11 pm in Ohio. Couldn’t have planned that. Thank you universe. Thank you Danielle!!!! The power and connection I felt is indescribable. And I feel I’ll be getting a lot more nudges from spirits in the days to come. Truly life changing.

I just had the most beautiful virtual full moon circle with Danielle Paige. She guided us through a meditation for healing our subconscious beliefs and I am blown away by the insights I received into my childhood and the false stories Ive held as true. Even things that I’ve known intellectually aren’t true, I realized I was still holding onto them on a subconscious level. Through her guidance I was able to release the old beliefs and reprogram new ones. The visualization I had was like a lucid dream. Seriously, it was so powerful, WOW. Thank you!


So glad I joined, this was so powerful. Thank you!


Thank you for a beautiful full moon circle tonight. I had shivers and some goose bumps and a few tears. Thank you again for your wonderful gift. I want to look at your availability for march.


I just wanted to deeply thank you for the Full Moon Circle on Wednesday. It was the first time I joined and my experience was incredibly strong. I believe it was a turning point for my whole life journey and lesson. In the Full Moon Circle I met my inner child. She allowed me to see that, contrary to what I have been telling myself for the last 4 years, I’m a good mother. I’m a loving, nurturing and awesome mother. I have only been able to see what I felt wasn’t good enough (and constantly tortured myself over it - which doesn’t exactly make anything better…), now I could see that I have done an absolutely superhuman job under challenging conditions. My body went into some sort of tense paralysis almost, just to get the pain out. Overwhelming. Liberating, exhilarating. And extremely surprising. What power, gifts and skills you have, thanks so much for sharing them.


I just listened to the Libra full moon karmic circle and oh my god! I usually find it really hard to connect when I feel remote - but this was so engaging. I felt liberated at the end and strong. Thank you so much! I will be signing up to one of your packages later in the year. I think one on one sessions will do me the world of good as I have been struggling with a number of issues. Again - thank you so much - you had me crying and feeling immense joy and strength.


Just listened to the replay and whoa I felt a huge release at the end! The energy was so powerful I felt like my body was lifting. I feel like I have more insight as to why I keep going back to the memories of a man in my life. He is in so many of my dreams but now I feel that it's not really about him but the feeling that he provided me. Love. Thank you it was a great experience.


I did your karmic love healing and oh my I loved it! At the beginning I wanted to cry but nothing would come. Until I introduced myself to the highest self of my ex. Immediately the tears were rolling...but also a lot of laughter. It was so freeing and beautiful. Like everything I knew and everything we have said during our breakup / post breakup finally clicked.


It was absolutely amazing!! lots of emotions flowed through and it was so needed to clear, bring out, acknowledge in order to help me move forward. I’ve been feeling stuck so yesterday’s healing circle was exactly what I needed. Thank you for such a beautiful and supportive session!


Hi Danielle! The moon circle last night was amazing. I truly feel like a different human this morning. Lighter. I went to sleep right after and I think I continued healing in my sleep- lots of past relationships came through. What an amazing experience. Thank you for everything. I’m so thankful I found you!


It was amazing. Watched the replay. Loved the guided meditation part at the end. So powerful. Definitely divinely timed and exactly what I needed today. Thank you for sharing your gifts the way you do!


That healing ritual was incredibly soulful, I cried as I sat there taking it all in and letting it go. Thank you!!!


Thank you Danielle. That full moon circle was beautiful and EXACTLY what i needed in this moment. the divine timing for this was everything, feeling radiant.


Thank you so much Danielle! That was sooo powerful and beautiful, so many feelings going on right now. I’m just so grateful I found you! Thank you for doing what you do!


I just completed the moon circle and it was amazing. The fact that I was able to completely connect even though my daughter was having a melt down in the other room and my son came barging in half way through is a feat in itself. Thank you for doing the circle tonight Danielle. My body is still tingling and it feels like I have a cool crisp stream coursing through my body. I am hoping to get to this state more often!


That was so powerful! Thank you!  before I pulled into the driveway tonight for our call, I could feel him and my root chakra started pulsating. Wild synchronicities started coming back with him the past few weeks. I got emotional in the beginning of the call. The words we spoke aloud with him in front me- I started sobbing hard to breathe and the love + connection I felt between us was so powerful. He set me free + I found myself my purpose and direction in life.


Wow!! Such a powerful full moon circle. I was crying right at the start. I had two exes come forward and I was able to communicate with each one’s higher soul. Thank you for a beautiful healing Danielle.


Thank having you so much for your moon ritual, and the insights, balance, clarity and healing that it has brought me. Thank you in love and light.


This moon circle was SO beautiful and heat-activating and loving - really felt the expansiveness and love and clarity tonight as it is perfect timing, thank you for letting us have a recording of it!!


Loved it! I want to hear it again. Thank you.


Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful full moon circle! My karmic love and I had a beautiful and deep conversation a few weeks ago where he told me he cannot give me what I deserve. This made left me feeling stuck. I certainly didn’t want to hang on and at the same time I felt very unmotivated to move on. Your full moon circle healing left me feeling so light and happy. And I now feel ready to move on! I can do this! I feel free! Thank you.


Thank you so much for that beautiful call! Wow! You are such a graceful guide. I don’t know how to put everything I felt into words other than I love you! And I love me! I feel so much love and peace and light, that powerful white light.. thank you from my highest self, I am deeply touched by what you bring to this world, to my life!

I feel renewed! That was such an amazing call!


Grateful beyond words for the incredible healing circle tonight . My first experience was the heart healing of last month, which was so cathartic . I can’t recommend enough, so powerful. The electricity, the tears, the shifts... so profound! Thank you thank you thank you for your work.

Thank you for that beautiful full moon ritual. My body is still tingling and my heart is just bursting with energy!

It was wonderful! I will def be joining monthly! Thanks again!

Thank you for holding space for us. it was honestly one of the best guided meditations I participated in.

Second healing circle I’ve participated in and it was truly magical! Thank you for putting it on. The healing exercise we did before the last song, I had the most vivid image of a rainbow and then in my third eye it went through all the colors - ROYGBIV! Now that I’m thinking about it - I feel like it correlates to healing of my entire chakra system. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time!

Absolutely loved your full moon circle. Not gonna lie I knocked out for a few minutes during but I'm sure my soul knew what to do. When I finally did come to it was just in time to go through some subconscious work that helped pain I'd felt in my spine. I actually felt a clearing of pressure there that I would usually feel when stressed. Your like the big sis I didn't think I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Definitely! I will be making this my monthly getaway!

Last night’s call was beyond words. Tuning into my body is something I need more and more and more of these days since my mother passed away a month and a half ago, and I needed all of your reminders so so much. Thank you! I’ll be listening to the replay again for sure. At one point during the call I felt this incredible moment, a simultaneous warming and chilling. The rest of my body, my limbs and the top of my head especially, felt this chill of goosebumps. It lasted for what felt like 10 minutes but who knows since I was laying back with my eyes closed! Thank you again.

Always so surprised by your healings. Not sure if astral surgery is the correct verbiage but I saw my guides, past lives & highest self all surround me on my reiki table (where I was laying for the session) and they were all going into my body and rearranging. I’ve had so much healing and awareness come through in the last few days that I believe this is signifying the completion of the healing journey I was on. Thank you again for creating space and using your gifts for us all to heal xo

I just have to say a HUGE Thank You for last night. It was my 1st call & it was exactly what I needed!!! After 3 weeks of hospitals & hospice as my father in law just passed away, I was so not in my body. Your call absolutely anchored me back in and I slept wonderfully and my meditation kicked ass today. I've been meditating for over 25 years now and yet, with a subtle shift based on something you said last night, wow am I in my body.

Hi! Thank you for the circle last night. I thought I’d share some feedback that may be a little atypical. I noticed more than anything last night that my claircognizance was stronger than usual. Maybe it was because I was more in my body? Thanks again for holding space.

Danielle, thank you the full moon healing circle. As I had mentioned in a comment on FB this last year has been at time so intense and uncomfortable and yesterday's call was pure magic! I felt so supported and was able to let go and shift some deep fear and pain that my body had been holding on to. For the first time I feel a subtle and gentle power being in my body. So thank you.

Thank you so much for the heart healing circle I’m still feeling the energy!! Is it weird that while you were playing the dancing music, I felt like I was dancing under the stars in Egypt!



And one step closer to connecting
to the wisdom of your soul!