We’ve all heard of it…the dreaded time when Mercury goes retrograde. However, what I’m here to share with you may not be what you usually read about MR and it’s time to change that story! You see, Astrology is an amazing tool to help you understand how the energies above affect you down here on earth.

As you know, there are certain cycles where the energy feels confusing and ungrounded. During those times it’s not uncommon to react emotionally and dramatically affecting both your physical and emotional body.

Common reactions:

“Ahhhh, OMG, I hate when this happens!”

“My computer just crashed!”

“My partner broke up with me!”

“My car won’t start!”

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling….”

Sound familiar?

Since all this frazzled energy is a major cause of disturbances in your mind, body, and soul here’s a brief description of what’s really going on behind Mercury Retrograde.

Astro Info: Mercury is the messenger of the zodiac and its energy rules your thinking, speech, communication, technology, and transportation.

When this planet goes retrograde it appears to be moving backward. However, it’s not actually moving backward, but from our PERCEPTION here on earth, it appears as if it is which disrupts the smooth flow of communication.

Still confused? This may be easier to understand…think of a cable wire with a hole in it.

As our perception gets skewed it’s not uncommon for things to go a little haywire.




1. REceive and be Open

As your perception shifts, it’s an OPPORTUNITY to receive new information. You may learn something about a person that you might not have been open to hearing during the time Mercury was direct. Take it in, but don’t act on it just yet. Wait until Mercury goes direct to move forward with permanent plans on new findings. This is because Mercury is such a fast moving planet that things can shift so quickly in the process.


2. REconnect

When a planet goes retrograde it’s an indicator that something from the past is going to be revisited and with this people often emerge. The past is the past and I’m talking “past lives” here too. Think about a real soulmate coming into the picture to help you on your journey. I don’t know about you but that sounds nice to me! Again, it may not be Mr. or Mrs. forever, however, there is always an important karmic balancing act that needs to happen in the process no matter how long it lasts.


3. REdo, REpeat, RE….

This is a good time to go back and Review old projects that you haven’t finished or REvisit something that you’ve been putting off for a while now. It’s about REassessing, REdoing, REarranging. Basically, anything that you can put a “re” in front of is a good way to keep your energy grounded during this time. What do you need to Remember from your soul? Now is a good time to tap into that energy.


4. It’s all about the R & R

I know we all hear a lot about not signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde, however, here’s the thing…it’s also imprint to not stop your life. Sometimes you have to get a lease, you have to start a new job etc etc. Life goes on and we should always look to the starts to guide us rather than scare us. The reason why it might be tricky to start something new during this time is because the energy is as such that you may be missing some information, not seeing all the fine print, or you may be signing something that’s not going to match with your long term goal. That being said, if you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed it’s a good time to just stop and allow yourself a celestial nap! Shift gears into cruise control and take a breather. As I said, I don’t stop my life and I have signed many things during MR, I just know now from experience that there is usually a lesson that goes along with it. And that’s ok because clearly your soul needs to understand that. It’s not all bad. I promise. Please don’t et anyone scare you about it.

Life still goes on while Mercury is retrograde, however, this is one of the times that you’re getting cosmic clearance from the Universe to pause, REflect, and take a mental break. Your soul will thank you for it.


5. Go within instead of without

Mercury retrograde is often a time of heightened intuition and can open you up more than you would like at times. This makes it an opportune time to REconnect with your heart center through meditation and learn to REconnect with your higher self. You can read all the self-help books you want, however, at the end of the day, the answers lie within you. By the time Mercury goes direct you usually have a new perspective on something. This is what it’s all about. You’re seeing with all 3 eyes and from a new awareness.

So there you have it. Yes, there may be some confusion and some electronics may break down during MR, however, think of it as a green light from the Universe to take a step back and REassess any situation. Trust that whatever happens during this retrograde period is opening you up to a greater perspective and vision in life.

Feel free to Repost as the Universe encourages it!