Picture taken by me in Ephesus, Turkey. 

It’s an original carving from circa 300 bc of Mercury the winged messenger (look at his feet!) originally known as Hermes from the Greeks then Mercury by the Romans.



{Astro cheat sheet} 

MR starts January 5th – 1 degree Aquarius

Moves into Capricorn on January 9th

Ends retrograde on January 25th  – 14 degrees Capricorn

Post MR shadow period until February 15th 



Speaking of Mercury….he happens to be RETROGRADE right now!

But, before you get overwhelmed with that idea let me assure you that you’re going to be fine…actually more than fine! 🙂

Ok, let’s get started.


Yesterday, January 5th, the planet of communication, messages, transportation, and information (which includes all forms of technology) changed “direction” which means it appears to move backward from our perspective here on earth.


That’s the important part. It’s about perspective which means we have 3 weeks to observe, go back, reflect, and look at things differently.
Mercury will go retrograde 4 times this year so my advice would be to just flow with it. Remember, the more you resist, the more anything persists!


And that’s the beauty of mercury retrograde. It gives you a time to breathe, pause, REflect, REdo, and REvisit anything that is coming up (or was not finished) in your consciousness

But…let me guess what’s going on here….


Have you been having a slower start to 2016 than you thought you would have? And are you finding some obstacles whether physical, mental, or emotional are getting in your way that’s causing what feels like a delay?

It’s part of your divine plan…so rest assured you’re still in the flow.
2016 will really “start” in February…it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t happen in the meantime rather energy will move along a lot quicker come next month.
So for now, it’s a little reprieve before we start 2016 with a bang and head into eclipse season in March and then again in September. (This is going to rock your world. As always more info coming on that as we get closer).
What to do: Allow things from the past to resurface if need be because there are some lose ends that need some adjusting.
What do you need to “fix”?

What do you need to think over more?

What do you need to stop pushing with?


With mercury retrograding back into Capricorn on the 9th, the main story will be all about REbuilding your structures, your foundation, your business plan, your next steps etc.
Capricorn is the responsible and pragmatic one of the zodiac so this time is best used for you to be practical about your goals and where you see yourself going for 2016.

This 3 week period is the perfect excuse to take more time in planning for your future.I’m not saying that you have to have it all figured out because let’s be honest, no one does…and if you think you do then the Universe usually has a little surprise for you. BUT you can step more into your own authority and practice patience, endurance, and commitment to a goal.

Both the retrograde and Capricorn say SLOW DOWN. If there’s one thing you take away from this it’s that.


Remember, in order to grow big and strong a tree must have its roots firmly planted in the ground.
That’s what you must do during these 3 weeks. Root chakra? Yes, it’s calling your name and asking to be more deeply connected to mother earth and yourself.
Go take a walk in nature, sit calmly and quietly for 5 minutes and slow your breathe down. Imagine roots growing out of your tailbone and into the earth.


Connect deeply so that you can use the wisdom of your soul, the wisdom of the earth, and the new information that will come through you during Mercury Retrograde to create the vision your soul desires.
Also, don’t be surprised if people from the past come back as well. That usually always happens. Just observe and listen and don’t jump to any conclusions right now.
When Mercury goes direct on January 25th you will start implementing differently. And then after the post shadow period (February 15th) you will be in a different place and ready to make more concrete decisions that are more aligned with your truth.


Want more information on Mercury Retrograde? Click here! (Please ignore the dates until they are updated)
***Remember, mercury retrograde DOES not mean that you stop your life. Sometimes decisions have to be made. Whatever happens during this time is incredibly karmic.


Just live your life and don’t stress about every little thing. I’ve had to get 2 cars during MR and I also accepted a job many years ago during it. Life still goes on!


When you let everything affect you so much that you don’t do anything and feel you are frozen you take away your own power. Astrology is about empowering you to flow with the Universal energy and make sense of it NOT to frighten you.


And do yourself a favor. If you read any of the doom and gloom MR stuff online unfollow and delete immediately because they are only playing of your fear. Just say no! 😉

Love and light as always!


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