How it comes through our filter (the sign) and how we share this info with others. 


Mercury in Aries – I think about something for 5 seconds then I’m onto a new subject because I already figured it out. Why are you still talking about it?  

Mercury in Taurus – I think I need to slow down and think about it some more. Don’t rush me. I’m thinking. 

Mercury in Gemini – I think about 500 things at once. Squirrel! 

Mercury in Cancer – I think I need to feel safe and that you care about me. 

Mercury in Leo – I think therefore I am the best! Yes! I think you need to tell me how much you love me again. 

Mercury in Virgo – I think we need to fix what’s wrong in order to move forward. 

Mercury in Libra – I think that was is best for you is best for me as well. I think…Can I ask you? 

Mercury in Scorpio – I think so many deep thoughts I must keep it all to myself. If people really knew how I’m burning inside they might use it against me. 

Mercury in Sagittarius – I think about how the universe was created and the meaning of life. And I think (know) I am right. 

Mercury in Capricorn – I think my words need to be practical and professional before I speak. I think I must commit to whatever it is I say. 

Mercury in Aquarius – I think I can reform the world and create ripples of changes. I love all people. I just need to be alone to think about it. 

Mercury in Pisces – I think we should have more compassion for those who are suffering. I think we are all in this together.