As a woman lives them, she will understand more and more of these interior feminine rhythms, among them the rhythms of creativity, or birthing psychic babies and perhaps also human ones, the rhythms of solitude, of play, of rest, of sexuality, and of the hunt.” – Women who run with the wolves.

Everything is a rhythm and the moon has her own dance as well. Today we welcome the full moon lunar eclipse at 4 degrees of Aquarius. (The second of 3 eclipses this summer)

A Lunar eclipse is when the sun is opposite the moon (full moon) and the earth comes between blocking the suns light. This casts a shadow. There is darkness for a few moments. And because the energy above is connected DEEPLY in our bodies we feel it. This is why it feels like so many of you are going into the shadows of your soul and feeling things you haven’t felt for a while.

Don’t judge what’s coming up now. Allow the opportunity to learn from it. What are your emotions trying to tell you? What does your soul need right now?

This is how I use astrology. I bring it down INTO your body so you can use it in practical ways as the beautiful human that you are.

For many of you new doors are opening now that haven’t been able to be opened before. You’re staring a new chapter of your life and it’s obvious. For others you know there is something coming but you’re not quite sure yet what that is. It all depends on how it’s hitting your personal birth chart.

Eclipse season is huge because life is changing and You FEEL it deep within the cells of your body. In the work that I do I help you understand that everything is connected. You ARE the cosmos. You are connected to the matrix of the Universe. What happens above, happens inside of you, however we all have different blueprints (birth charts), programming (upbringing), level of awareness (healing that we’ve done or haven’t done) and paths (karmic lessons) so we all feel and react differently.

Happy full moon blessings to you.

Image Credit: Magical Visions on Instagram