Here we go! Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Activation ::

So you’re wondering what the heck is going on?

You’ve been reading about the full moon lunar eclipse super blue red orange pink? moon and feeling even more confused.

Here’s your cosmic skinny in terms you can understand.

Not every full moon is a lunar eclipse.

But every lunar eclipse is a full moon.



A Lunar eclipse is when the sun is opposite the moon (full moon) and the earth comes between blocking the suns light. This casts a shadow.

There is darkness for a few moments.

And because the energy above is connected DEEPLY in our bodies we feel it.

(This is how I use astrology. I bring it down INTO your body so you can use it in practical ways as the beautiful human that you are).

It is not just an event that you look up and see.

You FEEL it deep within the cells of your body.

In the work that I do I help you understand that everything is connected.

You ARE the cosmos. The cosmos ARE within you. You are connected to the matrix of the Universe.

What happens above, happens inside of you, however we all have different blueprints (birth charts), programming (upbringing), level of awareness (healing that we’ve done or haven’t done) and paths (karmic lessons) so we all feel and react differently.

But there is a common thread.

This can be a very emotional time.

The moon rules our emotions so when she’s eclipsed she temporarily has no mirror to reflect the Sun’s light and as energetic beings we are also synchronistically cut off from our “power supply” and reintroduced to our shadow side.

This is a time when your unconscious takes center stage, and you can tap into a side of yourself that you’ve pushed down for some time.

As a highly sensitive person, you can feel this shift in energy with every ounce of your being, as if you’re being asked to find your way in the “dark.”

Those suppressed emotions, the crap you thought you got rid of long ago – nope, still there!

Deep fears, deep pain, deep wounds…this is heavy Scorpio territory – all things hidden that must be transformed for your evolution.

But don’t worry – what’s happening is you’re clearing your emotional body of toxic emotions a.k.a. cleaning house! (Yes, once again…I know!)

As you can see, the energy of a lunar eclipse can stir an internal crisis (which is also often caused by external sources, especially relationships, which act as a mirror); and this often brings confusion, doubt, and panic to a head.

All of this is designed to spur a conclusion, culmination, ending, or decision of something in your life…because new beginnings are going to happen. They always do

Where and how this plays out will be different for everyone as it depends, again, on where the eclipse point is activated in your birth chart.

If you don’t know, no need to worry, simply listen to your intuition and trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Our bodies are channels of energy:

We feel it all in our bodies. Our bodies talk to us. So what are some common physical issues? Some people can’t sleep, some people have headaches, some people get sinus problems, some people feel more tired, etc etc.

Whatever the case may be, you are influenced by the energy around you because you are a part of this earth dream.

Why are lunar eclipses so powerful?

Eclipses are connected to the nodes. If you follow my work you know that I’m obsessed with the nodes.

It’s more popular in Vedic astrology but when I was learning it came to me intuitively that this was important to understand your soul story.

The nodes in regards to eclipses…in so many words….are points fate, they are the collective destiny and they pull you in the direction of your soul’s purpose.

Each eclipse is connected to either the north node (future oriented) or the south node (release and the past)

This Leo Eclipse that occurred on Jan 31st is connected to the north node and it’s a 3 degree orb making it super powerful.

So why did they call it a blue moon?

Because it’s the second full moon of the month. The first one was on January 1st and when that happens it’s very rare…hence the term, once in a blue moon.

It doesn’t actually turn blue.

In fact it turned red because as the earth sits in between the sun and the moon the light passes through the cosmos and filters out most of the blue light. What is left is a red glow that is cast on the moon!

What are the details of this Lunar Eclipse please?

This season’s lunar eclipse occurs on Jan 31, 2018 at 11 degrees of Leo.

Note: You Don’t have to be a Leo to feel this.

IMPORTANTE: ANYONE with planets around 9-13 degrees give or take of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Taurus will be PERSONALLY affected by this eclipse.

For ex: I’m a Taurus sun (it’s at 22 degrees so not near this degree) but my Mars is at 13 degrees of Leo! HELLO! It’s also in the 8th house. Let’s just say, money, men, and intimacy are changing in a goooooood way. More on that later!

OK, but how do I understand the patterns?

Let’s discuss.

Eclipse Season occurs approximately twice a year, and has the potential to seriously ruffle some feathers because they shift us and often change the trajectory of our soul’s path because we as humans get lazy and scared and we don’t do it without a push have the time.

Sorry. Not sorry. Tis true for all of us.

Here is the IMPORTANT PART and I don’t think enough people understand this. As an astrologer it drives me bananas when I see false info posted all over the internet. (That was my Leo and scorpio energy talking!) haha

Here is the deal:

Eclipse energy starts, roughly…(there is no exact science to this since energy leaks out, there is not start and stop button) about a month before.

So that means Eclipse energy started around the first of the year.

Events most likely started happening for you around then. Look back, there are so many shifts. What happens is many of you look to see ONE HUGE EVENT but it’s a culmination of many things that started happening.

I know it started in my life! Think back.

That means we were all in the eclipse window. Things were starting to shift.

2 weeks before an eclipse it builds.

1 week before LOTS of activity happens. (Sometimes shit is not just hitting the fan, it’s smacking you in the face! whoops, classy. I know) 

Please read: Everyone thinks it’s about 1 event happening. It’s not just about that. Sure one major thing might have already happened for you, however that is the START of an unfolding and a new direction for your soul.

THIS IS THE BIG PART: I am not an astrologer that will get you all excited about this ONE DAY.

Sure I can make tons of money and sell you on something huge and get you all excited like most of the internet does but if you know me you know I always tell you the cold hard truth and don’t amp things up.

Yes the energy is HIGHLY CHARGED right now and I too feel like my nervous system is on full blast BUT eclipse energy is an UNFOLDING of energy that yes, unfolds over a 6 month or more period.

I even got that from spirit so it is NOT something that I read in a book.

So what exactly does an eclipse do for my life?

Good question, I’m glad you asked 🙂

You see, approximately every six months we are subjected to a series of vibrational upgrades.

We enter a new chapter of our soul’s story. The energy of each Eclipse Season spans this same six month period, leading us into the next chapter of our life.

Your story has ONLY just begun. You will be promoted to make changes over the next 6 months.

Think of it this way. If you have a kid and he/she is growing you can’t tell everyday. BUT all of a sudden if Aunt Suzy comes to visit 6 months later she says OMG, you’re so tall now! That’s how it is for all of us.

We don’t always see the changes EVERY DAY BUT after a period of time we are magically different.

This is what I try to explain to my clients all the time.

This is healing. This is evolution. This is raising your consciousness.  It’s not always about come to Jesus Moments….sure you have epiphanies and go through weeks that are hard but Eclipses SPEED up FATED direction and events in your life.

You shift gears.

Remember that player that was always sleeping around, well if an eclipse hits his chart and it’s his time he could in 6 months be married.



There is always a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse or vice versa.

We have a solar eclipse on Feb 15th at 27 degrees of Aqua. More on that soon a I will be hosting a virtual moon circle for that!

This means right now until around Feb 15th it’s a very uncertain time.

ANYTHING can happen.

We are in between.

We are in a vortex that is moving us around and reprograming our codes.

Think of it like you are renovating the kitchen and it looks like a mess but you know the marble slab is coming soon!

This is where we are at.

Eclipses are literally game changers for your soul IF they aspect a planet in your birth chart.

It means that planet is getting upgraded and needs to be used differently from now on.

You will feel changes.

You will be promoted to go different directions.

Some people get married. Some people get divorced. Some people win awards. Some people get engaged. Some people move. Some people shift careers entirely. Etc etc.

It alllll goes back to how it hits the planet in your chart IF it does.

Read: Not every eclipse is going to impact you and THANK GOD for that because it’s just too much.

How do I find out if the eclipse hits a planet in my chart?

I am booked until may right now so you can book an appt with me as it will still be under the eclipse window or you can try looking it up yourself on

It’s not easy and half of the stuff you read online is bs. Sorry, it’s true. But if you pull up your chart and know how to read it, look to see if you have a planet between 9-13 degrees of the fixed signs that I mentioned above.

Ok let’s be real. Astrology is not easy. That is why not everyone is an astrologer. It is a craft and a mystical tool. I use it in my own unique way as a soul astrologer to tap into your soul then we do soul healing. I also get downloads from spirit when with a client. I have my own unique spin on this that I created. You have to find an astrologer that you vibe with.

How to use this Leo energy?

Leo is Love, heart, creativity, courage, playfulness, shining your light!

How can you bring more LOVE and LIGHT to your life?

How can you find more time to play like a child because this is what your soul is craving?

Where do you need to have more courage and act from your heart instead of your fears?

Leo Full Moon Eclipse Ritual:

Here’s my thing with ritual…it’s all about what you believe. I often don’t like to tell people what to do because then you are just copying and listening to what someone tells them instead of acting from YOUR heart.

Leo calls for you to be a LION and let go of the part of you that wants to act like a sheep.

We all have it. Don’t judge it. Just find where you are looking to be led and LEAD yourself.

Here are some ideas for rituals but this is so important that it comes from YOU!

I don’t want to have a bunch of people doing everything I tell them. I want a tribe of conscious beings that look to be for guidance but act out of their own hearts.

That is what real leaders do. They allow people to find it from within.

Ritual ideas:

  • give thanks
  • Write a list of old behaviors and things that scare you and burn them
  • Dance under the moonlight
  • Do yoga and really FEEEEEL into your body
  • Massage your breasts and they are extensions of your heart and Leo is ruled by the heart
  • Laugh
  • Play
  • Dance (moooove your body)
  • Don’t be so serious as Leo is playful
  • Write a list of things you want to bravely do and start taking inspired action to do it
  • Gaze into a fire for Leo energy
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Tell yourSELF the way you love it
  • Remember ritual is all about intention so whatever you do, do it from your heart!

Love, love, love you!!

Please share this blog with EVERYONE!

Happy full moon lunar eclipse in Leo!