Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth moved into Virgo today (8-11-15) where it will be until September 2016!!!

This is not an transit that you may necessarily feel right away, however, as it progresses, grows, and dances it’s way deeper into Virgo we will all feel the collective shifts happening.

Virgo is a sign that is all about purification and service. If it’s not helping or not serving a purpose….Virgo ain’t having it!!! No way baby!

Virgo strives for perfection (which is a lesson in itself since nothing will ever be) however, it is in that process of perfection that details are attended to, organized, and taken care of.

(Thank God for you Virgo’s!!!)

The irony here in this transit is that Jupiter is very lofty and the energy can expand beyond what is “tolerable” at times whereas, Virgo is NOT about excess. It’s about purpose. Sooooo, when we put these 2 energies together it’s about finding the perfect (Virgo) amount of expansion (Jupiter) to be able to serve effectively (Virgo).

That’s one way of looking at it! The thing with Astrology is it’s not black and white. There are many interpretations and the outcomes are endless (Jupiter) for what the collective shifts will bring.

As Virgo is all about health, refinement, definition, and purification I wouldn’t be surprised if we all go WAY deeper into our food chain and explore what exactly we are eating and why! Watch for more mainstream topics about that (yes, even more mainstream than is happening now).

Another good way to use this energy is to be aware of your health and lifestyle as there will be an emphasis on that as well. Virgo likes routine and Jupiter says let’s F the routine, let’s do it all!
(insert minor Virgo heart attack!)

However, these 2 energies also have another fundamental similarity. As I mentioned Virgo likes to serve and Jupiter is connected to spirituality and faith….let’s combine the 2 a little more….

Over the next year, we will all begin to place more of a focus on organizing our spiritual efforts and using them for purification rituals. Virgo loves them some rituals and Jupiter wants to step more into faith for personal growth.

////Let’s summarize…..Key words/themes/musings over the next year with this collective energy/////

– Defining AND refining your spiritual faith and perspective —-> Clearing out (Virgo) any outdated beliefs that don’t serve the bigger picture (Jupiter).

– Cultivating (Jupiter), Learning (Jupiter) and having faith (Jupiter) in the material world (Virgo) to supply you with an abundance (Jupiter) of resources (Virgo) which will serve our highest good (Virgo).

– Health (Virgo) perspectives expanding (Jupiter) and shifting to better accommodate your consciously evolving body (Virgo)….i.e. less McDonalds…more Kale!! Ahhh yeah!!

Well there you have it! Let’s see how this energy plays out over the next year. Remember, this is a general forecast, how things play out specifically for YOU all depends on what Jupiter is doing in YOUR birth chart.

Love and light,

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