Follow your heart’s sacred fire.

Your body is your temple. 

Words you’ve heard before. But what does that really mean? How do you take this information and integrate it into your daily life? How do you Move With your body in a way that it ignites your soul as well? 

Let me share with you the mystical side of the Universe that will help you embody and empower yourself on a whole other level. 

When you think back to ancient times they were more advanced than us in many ways. Although it may not appear that way at first, I assure you they were wise beyond their years. You see, they knew how to move with the energies around them, they knew how to move with the elements of the land, and they knew how to move with their instinctual rhythm that burned deep inside of them. 

They listened to their intuition and the world around them and merged their physical body with their emotional body to create more harmony in their lives.

So how do we as a collective do this in an age where we’re completely consumed with technology and more information than we can handle? 

We learn to listen, feel, and move with the energy “above” because it is impacting us down here “below” more than we realize. 

We start by understanding that everything is energy and energy effects us on all levels. When we learn to flow with the currents our emotional body responds and then our physical body feels better.

Every month there is new collective energy theme that you can use to enhance your life. When you’re in tune with the astrological weather it brings more peace to every area of you’re being.  

Let me break it down for you as our focus moves to January – it’s a new year, it’s a new you and you’re ready to move with the energy.

January is a month of new beginnings for many reasons and we start off the month with something special. On the 1st of January we will have a beautiful and juicy full moon in the sign of Cancer. This can be an emotional time as Cancer is a water sign and any time we are dealing with water, we are feeeeeeeling the emotions. 

What this means is you may need more down time around the full moon. Your body is made up of mostly water and the moon is connected to your emotional state so when the moon is full she is in all her glory and your emotions are at an all time high. 

Mediation, yoga, and any mindfulness practice is especially important for this full moon because it’s the start of the new year so it’s a perfect time to create more magic and declare to the Universe what it is that you want to bring in as well! 

Also, around full moons, especially the night or two before and after many people can also feel restless and it’s not uncommon to have a hard time sleeping. If this is the case for you and a mindfulness practice feels to hard to calm your overzealous nervous system it’s all about channeling that energy instead of fighting against it!

Cancer rules the breasts and stomach and this is a beautiful time MOVE your body. The sign of Cancer is the queen mother energy and being a mother and giving birth helps you move into your body on a whole other level. You don’t need to be pregnant to tap into this energy. Truly connecting with your body at this time through dance or any ritual that nurtures your body is so important for you as a woman! Just as a mother would do, nurture your body with love and care. 

There is a strong theme this month about moving forward from the truth of your soul. After the full moon Mars and Jupiter meet up in the sky with very motivating energy for you. 

Mars is your will, your drive, and what gets you out of bed in the morning and Jupiter is about expansion. When we combine these two energies it’s about passion and confidence to act! The energy is great for pursuing your desires. Your body may want to move faster than your mind at this time so pour your energy into something that pumps you up and makes you feel like you can take on the world! You know that feeing! It’s like when your favorite song comes on at the bar! You just have to dance and sing to it! We’ve all done it so go for it!!

Mid January we come into some powerful energy that can be great for money! (That’s what she said!) Jupiter the planet of expansion makes a connection with Pluto, together this creates opportunities with some fated luck! 

Feel like you’re in the right place at the right time? This can happen and if it does it’s important to unearth your power that you’ve been trying to tap into. Pluto gives you the ability to empower yourself and you may be surprised at what you discover during this time. Something that’s been buried deep inside of you wants to emerge and it’s a beautiful time to allow this energy to come through. 

Now it’s time for change and it’s coming! 

We have something extremely powerful happening at the end of January. We have a full moon lunar eclipse. Eclipses are game changers when they touch a planet in your personal birth chart. Either way since eclipses are huge energy changers we as a collective FEEL the energy in the air. Look to about 2 weeks before January 31st as that is when the energy begins to shift. 

This full moon lunar eclipse is the sign of Leo and this will be a strong energy for breaking away from old patterns. Leo energy will help you shine your light to the world while making sure you’re still connecting to the truth of who you are. 

Eclipses are major game changers for spiritual growth. They move you up the spiritual ladder quicker than you would be doing on your own. Don’t look for something to happen exactly on January 31st. It’s not about that. That is simply when the energy will be at an all time high, however, eclipses have 6 month to a year windows where it will move you out of an energetic phase in your life and shift you into another. 

It takes time to unfold. There can be something that happens around the 31st, and then after that integration of that new energy will carry you into the new year but it all comes down to how this will play out in your personal birth chart. There is collective energy that we all feel as well as your own personal cycles. 

For January, pay attention special attention to your heart. Always ask yourself, what does it need? What does it feel? If you connect to this and move with this energy it will help you balance your mind, body, and soul, which, after-all, is the secret the ancients knew about all along. We are simply remembering to listen in.

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