Happy birthday to one of my favorite signs!

I say this because with my sun opposing Uranus (ruled by Aquarius) in my birth chart I am “programmed” to embrace my freak flag no matter what anyone else says!

And yes, all you Aquarians out there know exactly what I’m talking about! Wave it loud and proud for there’s no one like you and once you can accept that about yourself you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin.

A little eccentric? Maybe….probably…..YES! But why should everyone be the same, right?

For the next month we will all be experiencing a “flavor” of the uniqueness that makes up the sign of Aquarius….and let me emphasize the word “flavor” because unless you have strong Aquarius in your birth chart there is really no way to fully understand an Aquarius and the authenticity that they vibrate at.

Dear Mr./Ms. Aquarius, yes at times you may be a little detached… (as in helloooo, are you hearing what I am saying? Earth to Aquarius….please send me a smoke signal if you understand what I’m saying because I know you’re not going to have an emotional crying session about it….)

Again Aquarius, you know what I’m talking about!

But that’s OK, you often do better in groups then one-on-one but still, friendships are oh so important to you. Yes, I know you’ll go out of your way for your tribe…let me explain further…

Aquarians are forward thinking with original ideas that are more progressive than the rest of the zodiac. Do we dare say borderline genius?

Oh yes!

(But, I’ll make sure to send the emergency escape ladder so you can get out of your head long enough to share your ideas with the rest of us…ahem….)

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and with air we are dealing with mental processes.

Just to put it in perspective….think nutty professor, mad scientist, rebel without a cause…..these are just some of the traits that an Aquarian sun sign possesses.

You are here to share your new concepts, push us forward, and to….yes, I know you’ve heard it before but…march to the beat of your own drum!

If you were born with an Aquarius sun sign or moon sign in this lifetime you have a mission to speak your truth for a cause greater than yourself.

You are here to share your innovative reform with the world so that you can make a contribution to better humanity and share in the joy of group empowerment.

Although you are definitely for the group you do often have a rebellious streak (refer to image above, exhibit A) about you that makes you want to test the limits on authority.

This is important, for without you we would all be stuck in our old ways!

Even if you’re not an Aquarius sun, moon, or south node use this next month to STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX (that you created for yourself).

Now that we’ve moved out of the structure of Capricorn and you have a solid foundation and a plan, you are supposed to shake things up so that you can break the old and create the new.

Onward and upward!

ps- It’s not ironic that there’s a part of Aquarius that has a strong need for freedom and likes their space yet are still dedicated to the group cause. This is because Aquarians know that even though we are all one, we are all unique in our expression…and again…that shapes and contributes to the larger cause.

Aquarius motto: I am free to live in my authentic truth and express myself as I please.