As everything is connected it’s important to understand the energy we are currently under so that you can use it to your benefit.

The Sun is now officially in Taurus (my Sun sign!) and we all have until May 20th to absorb
the energy of this sensual, earthy, and often lusty sign.

Taurus is known as the bull which is fitting for the strength and
concentration that it exudes.

It’s the 2nd sign of the zodiac and whereas Aries is all about initiation Taurus energy is there to give form and function to that which
was started by Aries.

Taurus energy is concerned with practicality, sustainability, and nurturing
anything that needs to grow. Because of this intrinsic need, Taurus can be
known to be slow…ok verrrrrrry slow…yet this also makes them grounded,
steady, and loyal like a puppy dog!

Once a Taurus commits to something they will see it through until the end
which is a beautiful gift, however, this can also cause some stagnation
because they tend to dig their “claws” in and hold on for dear life. (I
love it so much I don’t want to let go….I see no need to let
go!!!…..says the Taurus unconsciously).

This is because they’re so connected to routine and order…not order in a
Virgo OCD way (ahem! You Virgo’s know what I’m talking about) but
because change for a Taurus is not the first thing on their to-do list!

It’s not that a Taurus is opposed to change; it’s just that a Taurus
wants change on their own time. They need to feel grounded and safe before
they can move forward with anything in life.

Hint hint….This is why you can’t push a Taurus to do something before they’re ready.

Taurus is a relatively calm sign (albeit it depends on whatever else is going
on in their chart) but if you do push them they’ll dig their heels in and
you’ll see smoke coming out their nose! (Yup, just like a bull in a

Moral….when dealing with a Taurus, you can suggest “something “but if
you want them to move forward then I’d also suggest that you give them
space energetically to feel comfortable and safe to move forward on their
own time.

Your Body ::

Taurus is ruled by the neck, throat, and shoulders and if you are a Taurus
you might notice that this is a sensitive area for you. I’ve seen a lot
of Taureans have thyroid problems or people with a Mercury
(communication/speech/thinking) in Taurus have issues with their neck.
(btw; you don’t have to be a Taurus to have your Mercury there.)

Your Energy:

Taurus (like Libra) is ruled by the planet Venus which is the energy of
love, money, connecting to others and (as specifically related to Taurus)
it’s about building a solid sense of value within oneself.

With all that feminine Venus energy Taurus is incredibly sensual in nature
and connected to the physical plane (earth) which makes it quite common for
them to like material things so much that they collect them…in bulk
(oops, just called you out, didn’t I?!) whether its shoes, clothes, purses, furniture
etc. etc. however this often causes them misuse the higher octave of the energy.

To be a Taurus is to experience the physical pleasures of life
(fine wine, cuisine, high quality sheets, etc.) but to also understand that
your real value…your real self-worth cannot come from anything

It’s about using your gifts, being of practical service to the world, and
adding value in some tangible way. Creating art and beauty with their inner
resources is how a Taurus will shine their light on the world.

So for the next month (roughly) even if you’re not a Taurus it’s important
to slow down, smell the roses, engage all your senses and really stop and
smell, see, touch, taste, hear in order to really experience what the world
has to offer.

The Universe is a mirror and if you can see the beauty in life all
around you that means you can see the beauty within yourself as well.

Enjoy this sensual, earthy, beautiful feminine goddess energy and let the
divine work through you in a soft, gentle, and creative way.

Remember, as a goddess you are a vessel of light and love and when
you’re able to receive from the Universe you’ll be able to increase your
intuition as well.

Creativity and psychic abilities (intuition) go hand-in-hand as
they’re both channeled from the divine.

Bring out your gifts, feel them; let them flow through you, and apply them
to a tangible (Taurus) form so that you can add value (Taurus) to the world
while bringing meaning to your life and the lives of others.