:: Life. Soul Awakenings. And the Human Condition ::

I just came back from NYC over the weekend (after getting flown there for a date…yes, I’m not kidding!) and I realized the last time I was there was right before my life completely changed.

I was living in Boston and decided to move back to LA but before that happened I wanted to give NYC a chance so I spent 3 months couch surfing and looking for a job and apt.

But that girl that was there for the summer is unrecognizable to me now.

I had just turned 30. Was dumped in France by my bf at the time, quit my job at one of the top architecture firms in the world because I just felt I was supposed to do something else but had NO CLUE at the time. (Everyone thought I was crazy but I followed my heart even when I didn’t know what it meant).

In NYC I was heart broken. Would walk down the streets crying, I was broke because the economy was tanking and there were no design jobs and literally sleeping on couches trying to find my way.

After 3 months I woke up one morning and followed my guidance which told me it was time to head back to California.

This is when my life took the biggest turn. My Saturn Return hit in full effect and my new life began to emerge, but not without major confusion and tons of fear.

It was then over the next 6 -7 years that I would undergo the most intense soul changing experiences that I karmically signed up for.

Everything about the old Danielle had to go, as it wasn’t in alignment with my soul contract.

It was years of healing but there were weeks upon weeks that I stayed home alone because I was going through dark nights of the soul. I was purging out old karma, changing consciousness levels, and emotionally healing my soul. It was brutal. So when clients come to me and cry that it’s been 3 months of heavy stuff. I tell them they are not alone. I share my story of years. I help them pull through when they feel like there is no hope.

Have you been on the floor crying and begging for a “normal” life? Have you felt like you were dealing with the deepest darkest pain you’ve ever felt?

Imagine your emotional pain and then imagine if someone was opening the wound over and over again. I had to go into every painful part of my soul to heal it. Over and over and over again. It wasn’t pretty but my soul contract had other plans.

There was a year that I will physically ill almost daily. Healing and changing vibrations is hard on the body.

So…the last time I was in NYC my life took a huge turn and I can feel the same thing is happening. Not in a bad way this time. In fact, in a glorious way!

The girl that was in NYC at 30 years old had no idea what was in store for her.

Now, 9 years later I am blown away with all that I’ve accomplished in my life and I haven’t even really gotten into my career yet. (To the level it’s going to be). My life is really just beginning. That was the clearing. Now the LIVING is happening.

So when people see me posting a lot of joy and loving my life, the answer is YES, this is all real because I’ve been through hell and worked my ass off to get here and to feel FREE, PURE, OPEN, CLEAR, And CONNECTED. I sacrificed so much in my life to enjoy It on a deeper level right now.

I am grateful EVERY single day and that I am happy. I know what it feels like to suffer and silently.

I am a coach that’s been to the darkest places of her soul so that I know how to get into the deepest parts of yours. 

This is not my first rodeo.

Healers are born out of their shadows and they rise into their light.


Notes to anyone that needs it and my younger self….hang in there, there is a magical life you can’t even conceive right now…you will have everything you desire just be patient and trust yourself and the process. Never give up – you are stronger than you think.?

Just when you think everything is all over is exactly when everything is about to begin.