How do you know when it’s time to meditate?

…OK that was kind of a trick question because it’s always a good time to meditate.

BUT how do you know when you reeeaalllly need to?

Are you dropping and bumping into things right and left?

Are you forgetting your keys, your glasses, and hey even your child at day care? Oops!

Are you spilling things and/or having a hard time getting the right words out?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these…congratulations, you’re human!

OK, all jokes aside, if you can relate to any of these then chances are you’re ungrounded and need to slow down and re-connect with your true essence.

Take a few minutes to pause, take some deep breaths, and imagine being rooted to the earth – fully connected and supported.

The idea is to slow down your thoughts, be present in your body and develop the connection between your higher self and the physical world…a pure, genuine connection.

Most of us are walking around and truthfully we wouldn’t even realize if a bomb went off in front of us. We are completely detached and disconnected from our bodies.

BUT…here’s the good news……you already have a connection to spirit. Yes, even if you think you don’t….you do! I promise (scout’s honor).

This blog is simply a reminder and a tool to help YOU re-connect back to YOU.



BE present

Feel the earth underneath yourself.

Give thanks to it for supporting you.

From the base of your tailbone consciously open up your root chakra so that you feel confident, secure, supported, and able to manifest in the physical world.

Imagine the most beautiful red that you can. Imagine strong, thick roots connected to you and growing into the center of the earth.

Anchor the energy into the earth just as you would an anchor from a boat.

Repeat these mantras:
I AM secure. I AM supported. I am confident.

Consciously be IN your body.

What does that feel like?

If anything is coming up take note of it for a later time but for now continue to let these thoughts pass through you. Don’t judge them, don’t react to them, just be.

Your root chakra is your bridge/connection to the earth as a soul in a vessel.

Honor it.

Embrace it.

I AM secure. I AM supported. I AM confident.

Practice this as often as you need and remember, when you ground yourself to the physical realm you allow all possibilities to materialize.

Blessings to you!

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