Happy Summer Solstice! Today marks the first official day of Summer and the Sun’s entry into the nurturing, protective, and nostalgic sign of Cancer.

The Solstice helps us to define time and get in touch with the sacred rhythm of the Universe. It marks a point of transition from one energetic phase to another and as this is the longest day of the year, more light means more consciousness.

You’ve spent the last 6 months (since the winter solstice) in a yin state…lots of rejuvenation, inward processing, and clearing and now it’s time to open up and shine your light!

If you can visualize a seed being planted (Winter solstice) then after the fertilization process it grows into a beautiful flower and opens it’s petals….THIS is the energy in the air….Ahhh yes, well hello there! You’re officially awake!

Honor the fullness and richness of life that is tangible to you right now.

Yes Mercury is still retrograde but that doesn’t mean all your plans get put on hold. Life still happens and as we approach July Jupiter moves into the fiery sign of Leo which will add an extra skip to your step! July, especially from mid July on, is going to be filled with lots of expansion for many…just wait and see.

But for now all you have is THIS moment. Honor the ebbs and flows of life and the new energy shift that is occurring….be open to whatever is next.

Just as the day is filled with more light fill yourself up with divine light as well. Embrace and honor the cycles of where you’ve been and welcome the energy that is coming in…trust that where you’re going is far greater than where you’ve been.

Remember you are a co-creator with the Universe and you can choose to contract your energy or you can choose to expand and flow with the natural cycles as you really are one with the cosmos…the only separation is the constraints you put on your mind.

Flow with your light…breathe out….open your heart chakra….radiate love and help to raise the vibration of the planet. YOU matter. Your vibration affects the whole…which is really the one.

Welcome abundance, welcome expansion, welcome light, and welcome more opportunities.