Muse (n) 1. In Greek mythology, any group of sister goddesses

who preside over the arts and sciences.

2. A person or personified force who is the source of

inspiration for a creative artist.

Your muse...she's inside of you but why does she feel so hard to access? 

She's hidden. She's buried beneath the demands of daily life and the 

constant pressures of society. 

Your creative muse is your feminine energy...she is your heart. She's the kind of radiance that attracts opportunities out of the blue. She's that joyful, inspired part of yourself that is yearning to be unleashed and feel more comfortable in her heart, body, and soul. Yet there is no outlet or direction so she becomes buried deeper and deeper until you slowly begin to lack the passion that you truly desire within.

When you move out of your comfort zone and shake things up you grow at a faster rate because you are disrupting the stagnant energy that's sitting in your energy field.

As an avid traveler who has been to over 30 countries now I can say for certain that when you get on that plane and say yes to new adventures your heart breaks open in ways that it could NEVER by staying in the same routine day after day which, before you know it leads to year after year...

This is why I travel and this is why I create retreats for women just like you.

Your soul is beckoning to be free and FELT.  She's giving you all the clues that you desire to get away and finally be able to breathe like never before.

On this all women’s retreat you'll come back home to your body and learn to access the ancient wisdom it holds. Have you been wanting to tap your intuition in a deeper way? You're already more connected than you realize - I'll show you how to access it in a beautiful way. 

Let's unwrap this magick in Greece.   

Through connection, movement, nature, grounding meditations, lots of laughter, and ritual this retreat will help you clear energy blocks and move you from feeling stuck to liberated and free!  And your intuition? It's going to be off the charts...just wait and see!



Thank you thank you thank you for one of the most memorable and magical experiences of my life!! I am so so glad I jumped at the opportunity to partake in this retreat because it has honestly, without a doubt, been incredibly life changing!

The immense care, support and HUGE love poured into every aspect of this retreat by Danielle was felt at every stage, which not only made for a totally relaxing and truly joyful experience, but also allowed me to experience a lot of cleansing, releasing and healing in the most beautiful of ways, and just as in all Danielle's sessions, I felt so safe and so held throughout the whole retreat.

Danielle's attention to detail, aesthetic vision and overall thoughtfulness in making this an experience we would never forget was also second to none, and to experience one of her Full Moon Circles live, in person and on the heart-centered sands of Hawaii was one of the most incredibly beautiful uplifting, freeing and magical experiences I have had!

Perhaps one of the most unexpected delights of this retreat though was meeting and connecting on a deep soul level with the most incredibly loving and supportive group of women I have ever had the pleasure to be in the company of, not to mention the belly laughs!!

I honestly could not have asked for a more amazing group of beautiful souls to share this experience with, I am a changed woman because of each and everyone them and now I have a whole new tribe of friends and sisters across the globe to call on and connect with which truly makes my heart sing!

I did not hesitate in joining this retreat, and now I know why, it was my intuition saying "Yessss!! Go for it!!!" (and I'm sooooo glad I listened!!!). My heart feels so open and full and my sacral chakra is buzzing from such a joyful experience with a group of incredible, amazing women that will be soul sisters for life! Thank you universe, thank you spirit for guiding me towards this and most of all, thank you Danielle for lovingly facilitating and leading this most divine and magic experience that I will truly never ever forget! So much love and gratitude."

~ Elisa, Australia 



A boat trip to the famous double beach of Kolona is always a Fykiada must! A slice of golden sand surrounded by crystal clear waters. If you are in the mood, you can even jump on a sea kayak and go beach hopping!

Kythnos' is known for its secret paths and there is even a hiking guide where you can pick your route & wander around.

If you feel like relaxing, a visit at the natural thermal springs of Loutra will leave you calm and rejuvenated and then a fish dinner is recommended at the picturesque port of Loutra to wrap up the day.



Kythnos is the hidden gem of Cyclades known for its endless coastline and the whitewashed villages. 

A visit to either Chora or Dryopida village will find you meeting & greeting locals who might invite you for a Greek coffee or fresh pie into their courtyards.

And in Kythnos swimming is a encouraged as there are over 70 little bays that truly make you feel like you're in the Mediterranean. 

The property is built on two acres of land and faces East-Northeast, towards Syros and Serifos islands. 

The main house, 200sqm, is fully furnished in an elegant island style with all the modern comforts. It is composed of two floors; both the first and second floor have separate outdoor access.

The ground floor is on the same level with the swimming pool. This floor has a very comfortable sitting area with two large built-in sofas, a large and fully equipped open-plan kitchen, and a dining room; all very functional and beautifully decorated. 

On the top floor, there're spacious airy bedrooms with crispy linen and big bay windows, each one with ensuite bathrooms or showers.

The villa has vast outdoor spaces with a magnificent sea water infinity pool and a view to the small islands of the West Cyclades.

Highlight: The sea is also a few steps away! You can just walk down the house, lay on big flat rocks or even jump in the water and enjoy your private paradise and to top it off in the villa you will have access to coffee, tea, and fresh fruit all day.

About The Villa


  • 6 island days/5 nights accommodation in a seaside Grecian Villa
  • Daily organic meals by your private chef (she can accommodate any food allergies) 
  • All day coffee tea, fresh fruit, and snacks
  • Daily fresh cold-pressed juices
  • Yoga classes to get into your VESSEL with one of the top instructors from London!
  • Yoga equipment (mats, straps, blocks, etc)
  • Full Moon Circle under the stars
  • Guided meditations and breath work rituals
  • Opening and closing ceremony/ritual
  • Kayak trip to the double beach
  • Walking tour of the old town with local pie tasting
  • Day trip to a the local beach club
  • Dinner at the best local Taverna on this island 
  • Telescope to gaze at the stars
  • Transportation from Kythnos port to the villa and back
  • Private villa with saltwater pool, lounge area, sunbeds, outdoor dining table, and more
  • Housekeeping service
  • AND access to Danielle and her wisdom throughout the retreat.

What is not included?

  • Flights to/from Greece
  • Ferry from Athens to Kythnos and back
  • Alcoholic drinks at the beach club 
  • Optional trip to thermal waters (add on excursion) 
  • That. Is All!






"I've been following Danielle for about 5 years now and all I can say is that she's the real deal. I don't just follow anyone and I don't just say that.

When she opened up her most recent retreat I knew I was meant to be there. I didn't know why, but I kept getting a nudge so I went. I got exactly what I needed! Not only did I release past junk and emotions I had been carrying; I also found sisterhood. As a very private person, I felt safe to open up to the women there and I was held by them all. There was great laughter, an amazing moon meditation, and healing conversations taking place throughout the entire retreat.

Danielle took the time to make sure I felt safe and had fun. She listened to me, validated me, cried with me, and went out of her way to make sure I was ok each step of the way. She was like a sister. Not only that, but we were treated like queens! She had surprises for us left and right. She taught me to be okay with allowing and receiving.

Since I've been back home, I am making sure I continue to utilize the tools learned while being more in my feminine. I lead a pretty busy life and run my own business and when I notice I'm "off" I quickly go back to my teachings with Danielle. It works and my husband has noticed! In fact, it's also helped our relationship.

This retreat was by far one of the best experiences I've had and I will most definitely be attending another of her retreats."

~ Lissette, Connecticut

Select the bedroom 

of your choice

Bedroom 2

Located on the second floor. This is a shared room with 2 single beds. This bedroom shares a bathroom with another room with 2 beds. Sea View.

SOLD OUT!! $3,597 Single Bed 1

SOLD OUT!! $3,597 Single Bed 2

Bedroom 3

Located on the second floor. This is a shared room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed. This bedroom shares a bathroom with another room with 2 beds. 

No sea view.

SOLD OUT!!! $3,597 Double bed

SOLD OUT!!! $3,497 Single bed

Bedroom 4

Located in the guest house this bedroom is a shared room with 2 single beds. This bedroom shares a bathroom with another bedroom with 1 bed.  

Sea view.

SOLD OUT!! - $3,697 Single Bed 1 - Guest House

SOLD OUT!! $3,697 Single Bed 2 - Guest House


Located in the guest house this is a single room with a double bed. This bedroom shares a bathroom with another bedroom with 2 single beds. Sea View.

SOLD OUT!! $3,897 Private Bedroom Guest House

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom with private bathroom, balcony and sea view.

This bedroom has two separate mattresses that are attached to one another. You would still have your own sheets and bed it's just right next to the other one but the room is beautiful and you get your own bathroom to share and best view in the house! 

Bed 1 sold out  $3797

Bed 2 Sold out $3797

*If you have any questions about the rooms or the retreat in general please do not hesitate to contact me at

PLEASE NOTE the cancellation policy when you purchase. No exceptions because we all can read :)

 terms and conditions and cancellation policy 

Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By paying for the retreat you agree to all terms and conditions. By using this site you agree to indemnify and hold us and anybody affiliated with Danielle Paige and and harmless from any claim or demand due totally or in part arising out of your participation in the site, the retreat, etc.

 No cancellations/refunds after 90 days of the start of the retreat (Start date: June 14th, 2019). If you need to cancel before 90 days from the start of the retreat (June 14th, 2019) you will be reimbursed your money minus $1000 as we have expenses and timelines we cannot change as well. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.

Important Transportation - Please read:

**The retreat does not include airfare or airport transfer to port.

You will be flying into Athens International Airport (ATH). Please arrive before June 14th. Accommodation for this will be at the participant’s expense.

On the morning of June 14th we will all be meeting at the Port (address and instructions to be given) and we will all be boarding a ferry to Kythnos Island together. The cost for the ferry will be between 50-70 euros and is not included in the cost of the retreat.

Upon arrival to Kythnos Island our group will be greeted by taxis that will take us to the villa (this is included in the retreat cost). The taxis will also take us from the villa to the port on our last day (June 19th). On the last day when we arrive at the Port you can explore any island that you desire or you can take the ferry back to Athens and go to the airport from there.

At the end of the retreat, it is recommended that you spend 1 night in Athens (at your the participants expense) to ensure you do not miss your flight. If you have to leave that day please take a very late flight that evening because you will not be leaving Kythnos until around 1:00pm and it takes about 3 hours to get back to Athens then another hour or more to get to the airport in addition to the time you need to be at the airport ahead of time. 

*Ferry times can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on which one we get on.

(There will be a facebook group to discuss this further as well as a team that we have hired which will be assisting you with any of your concerns before and during the retreat).

Terms and Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By paying for the retreat you agree to all terms and conditions. By using this site you agree to indemnify and hold us and anybody affiliated with Danielle Paige and and harmless from any claim or demand due totally or in part arising out of your participation in the site, the retreat, etc.

 No cancellations/refunds after 90 days of the start of the retreat (Start date: June 14th, 2019). If you need to cancel before 90 days from the start of the retreat (June 14th, 2019) you will be reimbursed your money minus $1000 as we have expenses and timelines we cannot change as well. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.

"Danielle, I absolutely love your retreats! I know with complete certainty when I sign up for something you're offering that I will be fully taken care, looked after and in for one wild ride! And you absolutely did not disappoint with Greece.

There are almost no words to describe the retreat there. It was gentle and soul transforming on so many levels. It's an event that I can look back on with so much joy and happiness. The peace I felt there I haven't been able to replicate since I've gotten back. But perhaps I'm not supposed to!

Thank you Danielle. Thank you for being you, for being here and for inviting me along to not only experience the fun a retreat can offer but also one that continues to transform long after I've left. Love you!"

~ Carol, New Jersey 


Danielle Paige is an International Soul Astrologer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul. 

A self-taught astrologer, who’s been reading the stars for lifetimes, she continued her studies with some of the worlds top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. 

By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into her clients subconscious and help them heal their wounds, old patterns, and come back home to their heart.

Danielle has given talks on mysticism and astrology at Glossier Headquarters in NYC, The Assemblage Nomad with WITMA and has traveled to over 32 countries bringing women together while leading retreats in Hawaii as well as the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Kythnos.  

Her work has been featured in Vogue Netherlands, London Standard, The Numinous, Thought Catalog, JDate, CBS Radio and more! 

Meet your new Greek Sisters!

These ladies will be the heart and soul of your experience in Mykonos and I can assure you that you will love them just as much as I do! 

They run Fykiada Retreats and will be acting as our personal hosts the entire time. From coordinating all the fresh organic food, the excursions, and simply being in the presence of their heart warming energy they are a huge reason why my last retreat was so beautiful!

Eleni is a Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga teacher based in London, UK. After her first trip to India where she completed her Hatha Yoga foundational training in an Ashram in 2014, she has been travelling the world to train with her teachers; Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers and Meghan Currie. Her classes are focused on on dynamic and creative vinyasa flows to expand and connect, as well as deeply meditative Yin postures to cultivate inner awareness. She aims to create a space of moving meditation that takes practitioners into a deeper connection with themselves, helping them to align the physical, breath and mind body. Eleni is also studying to become a naturopathic nutritionist in order to help people holistically to create a balanced life with a combination of Yoga and healing foods. 

"It was divine intervention that I found Danielle about a few years ago. I feel so fortunate that I did. Danielle has a unique way about her. She is so wise but at the same time practical and I just love her sense of humor. She has a wonderful ability of pointing out limiting beliefs. She also knows just how to get through the blocks with the right amount of gentleness and toughness. To me, she encompasses the 3 W’s. “Wise, Whimsical, and Witty.” She has found her calling!

I have also joined her on her full moon circle broadcasts, those are a great way to get a feel for her gifts. Most recently, I joined her on her retreat to Hawaii…I can honestly say, that was such a life changing experience for me. I had never been on a retreat before. Because Danielle was hosting, I knew it would be magical. I did so much healing during that retreat, but I also had such a wonderful time. I don’t believe I laughed as much ever in my life! The best experience in my life to date.

I feel so blessed to have found Danielle, she truly is Mamma Bear. Such a caring and compassionate person. I found a mentor and friend in Danielle that is priceless. If anyone wants magic in their life, Danielle is the one to help you find and keep that magic. She has helped open up areas in my life that were closed. This led me to self-acceptance and appreciation of my gifts and abilities in this lifetime.

I am so excited for the life I have coming, but more importantly, excited in the now, probably for the first time ever. Danielle has been and continues to be invaluable to me and I see her as continuing to be a part of my life for a long time to come."

~ Jumana, Washington DC

Will I need a passport?

Yes, a valid passport will be mandatory to leave and enter the country. Please make sure the expiration date has at least 6 months validity for you to enter the country.

Will I need a Visa?

There are no visa requirements for US Passports/EU passports. If you are coming from another country please check visa requirements.

What is the electrical currency/outlet in Greece?

If you live in a country with 110V electricity, your electric accessories would not work in Greece where 220V (50Hz) electrical outlets are standard. You need to purchase an electrical adaptor to make sure all your equipment can be plugged into the Greek electrical outlets. An adapter allows your plug to physically fit into the Greek power outlets.

Keep in mind that you will not need more than one adapter, unless you want to charge all your equipment one at a time. An adapter like this simply allows your plugs to fit into the Greek electrical outlets, it does not ensure that your appliance would work in the 220V current of the wall outlets in Greece.

Many electrical appliances have a transformer that allows them to adjust to different voltage, and some must be switched manually from 120V to 220V electricity. Check your manual to see how your appliance can handle different voltage. Even if your appliance does not have the ability to adjust to different voltage, you can use your own transformer.

What if I’m traveling by myself can I still sign up for the shared room?

Absolutely, you will be matched with the divine roommate that was meant for you!

Will I need travel Insurance?

Yes, this is a must. American medical insurance is not covered outside of the country and you will need insurance to participate in retreat activities. You can purchase short term travel medical insurance for good pricing at or any other similar site.

I'm on the fence should I go?

Only if you want to awaken your heart, move out of your stuck energy, and have the time of your life? If the answer feels good in your heart, book right now! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

"This retreat has been so much more than anything I could have ever imagined and I'm pretty sure the entire group feels the same way. My heart feels so big and the love that I hold for everyone (especially you!) is beyond measure!

I came into this week feeling pretty broken, scared, self-conscious, and not happy. What I feel now couldn't be more opposite. I feel like this trip has truly allowed me to find my inner joy, and that radiance that comes with truly moving into your true self! What I wasn't surprised about was the bigness of your heart. You have so much love, and give so much, and it is something that I can almost feel viscerally. You are truly a mama bear! Thank you!"

- Hannah, Rhode Island



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