Happy new moon at 14 degrees of Gemini!

The new moon will be exact at 7:59 pm pst today (June 4th, 2016).

The energy of a new moon lasts for a couple days, however, don’t worry about the details (hello Gemini!) instead listen to your intuition and let that guide you.

This is first new moon since mercury went direct and so the energy will be more fluid than it has in the past, it’s ready to roll!

However, we can’t forget that we are still under Mars retrograde, though, I feel it helps calm down the often erratic energies of Gemini.

With Mars retrograde we are having a look back at how we have taken action in the past, how we assert ourselves, and are learning new vibrational ways of doing that. It will be retrograde until June 29th (the day of my course launch!!)

Remember, just because you’ve done something one way your entire life doesn’t mean it’s the most “enlightened” way.

All this mutable energy right now is giving you choices and options and yes, Gemini loooooves choices and information and as a result it can sometimes get a little scattered.

The Gemini mind can be very active, if you (this applies to everyone even if you aren’t a Gemini sun because you all have Gemini in your birth chart somewhere which means it’s wired into your DNA is some form) …if you learn to take inspired action that has purpose and that helps you connect to others (Gemini) this new moon can be a beautiful jumping off point for you.

We are currently under intense and transforming energies called a Mutable Grand Cross, in other words this is what’s making shit happen lately…

A grand cross is when 4 planets (this time they are Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter) are all putting pressure on one another and this creates the effect of a “square” in the sky.

It’s not actually a square but if we were to picture one, the planets are each in the corners and this energy can feel like it’s turning and turning with sometimes no outlet or release point. Spinning your wheels anyone?

This grand cross is in mutable signs (Gemini, Sag, Virgo and Pisces) and mutable signs have a lot of activity. Things are shifting and they do so a more quickly than if this was a grand cross in fixed signs, for example.

You need to find an outlet for the energy to flow. Gemini can get very stuck in the mind and energy must not just stop there it must flow through you, into the earth, and up again out your crown.

This is how you will make changes and this is how the energy will inspire you to take purposeful action (remember, mars is still retrograde).

Tips: move your body! Dance party anyone? Yeah I just did that on Periscope! Yoga, meditation, running, anything to get the flow going and then come back to your ideas…..speaking of ideas….

There may be A LOT of ideas flowing right now as well. How can you take those ideas and put them into something that will create a better life or situation for yourself?

How can you channel the divine inspiration and divine action into something that you have desired for the greatest good?

This new moon is asking you to take steps and move forward with the insight that you got during mercury retrograde and start making shifts in your life.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t the Universe does it for you and it’s always more gentle when you do it on your own. Right? Right?

But sometimes we need a helping hand and that is when the Astrology at play comes in and helps us out. (You are not an island, the energy around you can be used for inspiration all the time!)

On changes…it doesn’t have to be huge, things take time. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with all the Gemini action going on BUT let’s use this new moon to take one step in the right direction.

Allow all the ideas to flow in, take little action steps, and do so from your heart!

This new moon is conjunct (paring up with) Venus. Venus wants you to receive the information from the divine and CREATE! This is the way the feminine was “purposely designed”.

Happy new moon in Gemini – may your mind be sharp and your heart be open to the endless possibilities of limitless love!

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