New moon in Gemini…when words really do speak louder than actions.

Happy new moon at 4 degrees of Gemini.

If you have planets or points close to 4 degrees of the mutable signs (Sag, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) this new moon will influence you more than others.

But what does a new moon really do to people?

Because Gemini is about words I would like to take this opportunity to share that I don’t see new moons as the biggest deals in the world. But if you look around the internet you will think that it’s the biggest event since slice bread (gluten, nut free and wheat free of course!).

Words heal and they also harm.

If this Gemini new moon can teach us anything it’s to be careful with what you say. Be careful what you spread around and be careful what you think. Gemini has a tendency to do a little of everything which is why this new moon is feeling slightly more active than other ones (at least on the mental realm) but if we deliver information that is not correct we indulge in the shadow side of Gemini. White lies, trickery, gossip. We need to be mindful of all of this and if you want to see shadow Gemini energy in action, just look at tweets from the current leader.

Gemini is restlessness and rules the nervous system which is why a lot of Geminis move around a lot. They are literally responding to the activity that is going on inside of them. Meditation is so very important for Geminis even though most will say they can’t…and that is exactly why they need to!

Gemini (and this new moon) do not want to be bored so it goes to the mental realm to learn more and gather more info. All if fine and good except for one thing.

Since we are talking the moon here the moon is the feminine and the feminine wants to feel. A moon in Gemini will rationalize more than feel and with a new moon in Gemini we can’t ignore either so integration needs to happen. 

This new moon is about writing/speaking. What is on your mind that you need to express and also how does it make you feel? (moon)

Still feeling more? It may be because of this.

We have 2 other major aspects going on here that you could be feeling as well.

1) Mars is about to oppose Saturn on the 28th to the 29th which means the tension is building right now and into this weekend.

Let’s say Mars is the gas pedal which then makes Saturn the breaks. There is a feeling of slowing down in some respects and structuring (Saturn) your goals (mars) so that you can move forward with more discipline instead of reckless abandonment. The shadow side of this is being hot and cold, on and off etc. So use this wisely to add more structure to your plans. If you’re feeling sluggish then please by all means, slow down and listen, that is what Saturn is asking you to do. No matter what is going above the most important thing is to listen to your body. I will say that first and foremost over any aspect in the sky.

2) Venus is squaring (tension building) Pluto.

This can bring up strong feelings of possessiveness, control, manipulation etc. What it’s really trying to do is reveal and heal the shadow side of love for you (this could mean with yourself or the way you relate to others)…the two go hand and hand. I’ve never known anyone to be hard on themselves and not hard on others around them, for example. The old relationship patterns (with self and others) are coming up now to die off.

I for one really love this energy (and not because I can have a tendency to be obsessed with all things scorpio which this has a tone of) but because as we move into the summer and prepare for the next round of Eclipses in August we can no longer keep going through life the way we were. Lots of new energy on the horizon…..but first purge (pluto) the old self worth and patterns in love (Venus). 

How is there going to be room for all the LIGHT if it’s occupied right now with fear (pluto)?

So as you can see it’s never just a new moon. Not all new moons are created equally. There is a lot going on now. Typical Gemini. This just means there’s a lot of mutable energy which is about transition. We must pick something up and move it in order to see a different perspective. The energy is transitory. It’s about creative ideas and projects. Though watch for impulsivity which the nervous energy of Gemini can often create.

What do you want to create? To say? To connect to? To learn?

And as always it’s a new moon so it’s time to feel something new inside of your heart.