The saying, “curiosity killed the cat” is an understatement when we’re talking about Gemini so… come one, come all…because over the next couple of days we’re all going to get a sneak peak of what it’s like being in the mind of a Gemini!

Yikes! Hold onto your hats because I can promise you the amount of information that you thought you were getting before is nothing compared to what these guys work with on a daily basis!

Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone that’s a Gemini and they’ll tell you themselves that they have a minimum of 1000 things going on at once in their heads …and that’s a good hour! But again, if it wasn’t for their quick, sharp, and witty minds we would all be bored to pieces. They are the messengers of the zodiac and they process information quicker than the speed of light. Well…not really…but pretty darn close.

They are sharp, intellectual, and oh…did I mention incredibly fickle? Well, can you blame them? They can ask a question, solve the answer and come up with a million backup solutions all within one breath. So of course they get bored easily and hate to commit to any one thing because the truth of the matter is they know no one can ever be as mentally stimulating as they are. (Cue violin) Kidding Gemini! Speaking from someone who always seems to attract them, thank you and thank you…you know…you and your “mischievous” other half.


OK let’s get started on what this means for all of you even if you aren’t a Gemini.

On Tuesday, December 17th at 1:28 am PST the final full moon of 2013 will reach its peak and the energy will be buzzing with mental activity. Note: you will be feeling the flurry of energy days before as the energy begins to build.

Full moons occur when the sun is opposing the moon and as the Sun is currently in expansive Sagittarius it’s a time of heightened awareness as well as emotions because the full moon marks a climax of energy. You can think of it as your glass being completely full of water and there is nowhere else for it to go except to spill over.

Those of you who are very sensitive to energy might be feeling anxious right now as a full moon in Gemini is stirring not only emotions but also tons of mental activity.

This full moon occurs at 25 degrees of Gemini and the energy and information (Gemini) it brings up from your subconscious (moon) will be a powerful guide to propel you into the new year.  This full moon also brings themes of balance as your logic (Gemini) and intuition (Sagittarius) must learn to coexist in a harmonious manner in order for you to move forward into 2014 with clarity.

Full moons can bring about many different kinds of events. It’s not just about endings; it’s about bringing things to fruition…bringing more awareness to center stage. During this time it’s also an opportunity to observe how you process and react to your environment and to those around you.

Just as a full moon is lit up in the night sky so is your subconscious…your intuition. There is new light being cast upon you and it’s an opportunity to release old patterns and to move forward with the intentions that you set during the new moon phase.

It is possible that one door may close during a full moon, however, if there has been something that you have been going back and forth on this could also be the time when the energy changes and new light…new energy shifts into NEW awareness.

It’s both a time to release what you don’t want as well as to welcome something new.

In astrology the moon is symbolic of your emotions (some conscious) but mainly your subconscious reactions to your environment (i.e. the energy around you). The importance of flowing and attuning yourself to the cycles of the Universe is just as important as breathing.

This is even more important with this full moon as Gemini rules the nervous system and could bring up a lot of anxiety, aka unexpressed emotions and thoughts about the past as well as the future. If this comes up for you mediation and calming your mind is key.

In addition to the potent energy of this full moon, Uranus will be moving direct on the same day, which is sure to bring about another electric shock to this already “active” full moon.

Uranus is about change, revolution, and freedom. It is usually associated with things that are shocking because of the fact that it liberates you from the past. This is good. Please do not assume this means something bad will happen as I know that’s usually where the mind likes to go to first.

As you let go of 2013 and move toward 2014 this full moon is also an opportunity from the Universe to observe how you communicate, process information, and share that with others. It is also inviting you to move closer toward a connection with the most knowledgeable source there is…your own divine spark…your higher self.

A full moon ritual that you can do is surrender and observe where you are at right now. The past has helped shape you into who you are and the future is limitless. But for right now, this very second, it’s about weeding through all the information that is coming up and learning how to process and communicative it in a different, more effective way.

When you work on this for yourself you will see how your communication with others will improve as well. You will see how everything you do on the inside will be reflected on the outside. Again, we are dealing with duality…with opposing forces…the sun…the moon….learning to balance them is really the heart of what any full moon is striving to do.

As always, this full moon can be felt by everyone as we are all energetic beings. However, look to see where 25 degrees falls in your birth chart and if it’s making any aspects to planets or points in your chart, then that is where YOU are going to feel it specifically. It is different for everyone because you all have unique birth charts. Even if you aren’t a Gemini Sun you ALL still have 25 degrees of Gemini somewhere in your birth chart.

If you would like to understand how this is impacting your life, feel free to contact me for a personal birth chart reading.

Summary: As Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac, this full moon calls for listening to the greater messages of the divine (Sagittarius) as well as your inner thinking and logic (Gemini). Balance these two and your mind will become your counterpart rather than your slave.

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