The good and the bad news…, that’s not indigestion. Yes it’s your emotions rising to the surface.

Let’s begin, shall we?

On Wednesday, October 8th 2014 we have a full moon lunar eclipse occurring at 15 degrees of Aries at 3:50 am pdt

Total eclipse begins: 3:25 a.m. PDT
Greatest eclipse: 3:55 a.m. PDT
Total eclipse ends: 4:24 a.m. PDT

What’s a Lunar Eclipse? 

A Lunar eclipse is when the light of the moon is obscured by the earth – this can only happen when it’s a full moon. (The earth is directly between the sun and the moon).

It’s called a blood moon because the moon takes on the tint of the sun which reflects a reddish color…ladies and gentleman, it’s not always rocket science I tell ya!

“When an eclipse takes place, the earth’s geomagnetic field is altered and every living creature on earth, that is, any being having an individual bio magnetic field is also affected by an eclipse.” (Christine Arens)


During a lunar eclipse when the light is blocked (for a period of time) we as energetic beings are re-introduced to the shadow side of ourselves.

Helloooo shadow, can you hear me now?

This is a time when your unconscious starts to take center stage and you go where no man wants to go…. you tap into that side of yourself that has been pushed down for some time.


In the darkness there is a gift. When it’s dark and you cannot “SEE” you must TRUST, SURRENDER, have FAITH, and keep going even though you can’t clearly “see” the road ahead.

Don’t stop now, you’ve come so far! Simply tap into that Aries warrior like energy and keep on going toward your dreams.Have courage to rely on your other senses when your sight is not available in the darkness of this eclipse.FEEL your heart.

LISTEN to your inner guidance.


TRUST that any turbulence that comes up is part of the path.As we know full moons are a time of heightened energy and they directly affect us here on earth as we are all energetic beings. Add an eclipse to the mix and it becomes a dynamic period of “time” in which the energy is amplified…as I’m sure you’re already feeling! Also, I often get extremely drained during a full moon because the energy is maxed out.


Depending on where it falls in your chart is where the action and shift will happen in YOUR life. This is where you are changing, growing, transforming, and pressure is being applied.

Three things to be aware of:

1) Change does not usually unfold the way you had intended or wanted. However, as with the understanding of the Universe and a power greater than yourself, trust that whatever is happening is for your highest good.

2) Just because the eclipse is taking place on October 8th it doesn’t mean something is going to happen for everyone on THAT day. But because that day will be the peak of the eclipse, the energy in the air will be potent closest to that time.

3) Eclipse related energy can be a week to a month before or after and in some cases it can unfold up to 6 months after.

What you need to know is that eclipse related activity is destined; it’s connected to your spiritual growth and higher purpose. What is not predetermined is your emotional reaction to it. This is where you have free will to handle what the Universe brings or takes away from you.

Throughout your life experiences will happen that move you forward on your path. You may not always like it but you have to accept it. 


This can be amazing too! People get married, win awards, get promotions, and get engaged for example around the time of eclipses. It’s about a change in direction, a forward push from the Universe. Whatever happens with this one will be followed up with more energy at the next (solar) eclipse on October 23rd.


Weaving the web…

This eclipse is also connected (some might disagree but I see the patterns) to one that took place last year on October 18th, 2013 and then the one on April 15th 2014.

Think back what happened around those times? For me this is very clear. I’ve had experiences each time that have a reoccurring theme because each eclipse has closely hit a planet or angle in my chart.


The emotional & spiritual juju behind eclipses 

Eclipses offer us new pathways to experience portals of celestial energy. The old gets left behind and it’s up to you to align your energy with the bigger picture of what you want. Think of it as a software upgrade – your consciousness is getting upgraded and you are moving along your spiritual path. (Yes, even if you don’t consider yourself spiritual, we are all spiritual beings learning here in this earth classroom).

I realize though that change is never easy (especially for people with a lot of fixed energy in their charts…Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) however, it’s necessary as nothing in the Universe is static. AND it’s a lot easier than holding onto something or someone that is not meant to be in your life. That holding on and digging your feet in the ground is painful and makes any process worse.

The energy of this particular eclipse

Not only have we established that eclipses bring in NEW energy (and with that mind you, new energy coming in could also mean taking some out. It can go either way) this eclipse is at 15 degrees of Aries which is conjunct (meaning “touching”) the planet Uranus.

Having an already active lunar eclipse in fiery and direct Aries AND conjunct Uranus means that this eclipse is bringing forth dynamic changes that will liberate you from your past.

Uranus is about freedom, it’s about revolution, it’s about shaking up the status quo and freeing you from your chains. This could be bringing you exactly the kind of freedom you want if it’s aspecting a planet or a point in your birth chart.

But with that comes surprises, which Uranus is the king of! 

It’s VERY hard to predict what Uranus will do because the energy is ALL about sudden epiphanies, shocking events, and yes again, surprises!

Note: they could be amazing ones as well! Don’t let your mind go to the negative. 

This eclipse is also connecting with the north/south node axis which is about fate, future, destiny, purpose and the energy of your soul’s past, respectively.

This is exciting because with Uranus conjuncting the south node it’s releasing you from the past and pushing you forward toward your future.

The north node is up there right now with the Sun and Venus in Libra promising harmony and love in equal relationships.

{Yes, now is about the time when you stand up and yell out an Amen!}


With the sun being in relationship oriented Libra and the moon in independent Aries there is a call for a balance between the “we” and the “I” in how we relate to one another.

AND with mercury currently retrograde don’t be surprised if ex’s or people from the past show up or have been showing up. This is an excellent time to re-negotiate your karmic contracts, meaning it might be time for you to apologize or it may be time for you to end it once and for all. In either case it’s about rethinking what you can do to close the door to what is no longer working.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) How can you relate your message to the other in a mature and responsible way so you are both on the same page?

2) How can you move forward on your path to achieve inner and outer harmony (Libra)?

There are other dynamic aspects going on behind the scenes that are both supportive and transformative, however, I will spare you the technical details about the trine and squares, yet mention that this eclipse is a biggie in that on a collective level we are all getting an upgrade in consciousness and on a personal level if you have planets or points at or near 15 degrees of (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) then there will be major shifts unfolding in the coming weeks.

 Energy has already started to change, allow, receive, and say thank you for the gifts that are coming your way. 

Please understand that even if it doesn’t feel like a gift, it is – because it’s what your soul needs.

The ego is another story…so learn to detach from labels of “good” and “bad” and embrace the energy that is coming into your life.

Change has already been happening for many and is still unfolding.

My best advice: Don’t obsess about what exactly is going to happen because then you move into your head and out of your heart and interrupt the natural flow of energy. Just live your life, be aware of your emotions (what’s coming up, what’s old stuff) and how you can best move forward with all the new tools that you have now.

It’s already happening, let it happen….trust me the Universe doesn’t want you to suffer, it just wants you to learn to move out of your old “box” and into an upgraded consciousness….sometimes this takes experiences that rock you to move you forward.

So, my “professional” advice to you….Keep on keepin on! You got this! Your life is happening NOW! (professional….)

Enjoy the magic of new energy, new consciousness, and new beginnings…your beautiful life is ready and waiting for you. 

Thank you and in gratitude as always,