Happy Full Moon in Virgo!


Full moon at 3 degrees of Virgo. 

Exact at 10:20 am pst February 22, 2016.

This full moon is a biggie because it’s a culmination of the past 6 months. Let me explain…

Do you remember back in September when we were graced with 2 powerful eclipses?

In case you were trying to forget like myself…ahem…..memories…….we had a new moon solar eclipse on September 13th at 20 degrees of Virgo and a lunar eclipse on September 27th at 4 Degrees of Aries. 

Every time we have a set of eclipses it sets the tone for the following 6 months. 


This full moon is the LAST full moon we have before the new eclipse season starts in March AND it’s the last full moon from the unfolding of the prior 6 month process.

First of all, look at your life 6 months ago. If that eclipse series back in 2015 hit your chart (meaning activated a planet in your birth chart) then you will be in a VERY different place right now. How much have you changed and grown!? 

Amazing right?! Yes.

(even if you don’t technically know if it did, you can FEEL it!)

This means that this full moon is an even bigger “letting go” than others. 


 I put that in quotes because I often see the word letting go written or said by many people during a full moon and really….a full moon is not so much about letting go (that is the balsamic moon phase) than it is a release in the sense of just allowing things to be what they are.

Full moons are a culmination of energy. Energy is at its peak. What is done is done. Things are activated now. Energy is at an all time high.

Your intuition is peaking….and so are you emotions. Hello emotions. Feeling you big time right now, especially that we are in Pisces season. Woah…big love to you…now let’s simmer down can we!??! 🙂

Ok back to this….

We have a 2 week window before the first New Moon Solar eclipse of 2016 that will start you on a new cycle. That’s why this is a real letting go because it’s the final push. 


(Pssst, this time I can use the words letting go and ps, it’s not a race with anyone. You are each on your own soul journeys. Be where you are at but also purge the unnecessary).


Purge the unnecessary!!!!

That is huge for Virgo. From this full moon (even if you aren’t a Virgo Sun) you can all learn to clear away the clutter that Pisces tends to bring in and simplify your life.

1) Where do you need to cut things out? People. Events. Clothes. Etc.

2) Where do you need to put up some HEALTHY boundaries?

Virgo is about purifying. It’s about only using what you need and getting rid of the rest. Virgo is also about routine and ritual. This is a good time to get your schedule more in sync with your higher self vs. your ego self….


Ahhh…that’s a good one. Think about that for a little while.

This full moon is also opposite Neptune which we can’t ignore as this sets a tone for the current energy and for the next 2 weeks.

Neptune asks you to surrender, to merge with something greater than yourself, and access the spiritual realm. 


This is important because Virgo energy is so well grounded in the material world and the facts that it can often miss the connection.

Full moons ask you to balance the opposites.

How can you access the spiritual world while keeping yourself grounded and anchored into reality?

That is the lesson for this energy.

How can you blend the material world with the spiritual world so they can work as one?


Neptune also asks you to find answers from spirit, from the divine, and to bring those creations into reality to help and serve (Virgo). 

The shadow side of this is strong too now though. 


Be aware that you may not be seeing things clearly. If that’s the case then it’s ok…it’s a lesson and it will work itself out but know that shadows can be strong right now. 


Also, watch for slipping into the escapism act…drugs, alcohol, or just mentally checking out for too long of periods of time. 

You know what is healthy and acceptable. Check in with your higher self.

Also, I keep hearing the call to CLEAR THE NOISE.

This last full moon in Virgo is just that.

Clear the noise and the clutter so you can hear the essence of your soul (Pisces).

This will prepare you for the new energy coming in that begins in March.

Lot’s more on the eclipse energy coming up, stay tuned!

Love you! Remember, full moon energy can often be felt days before and 2-3 days after as well. There is no exact science as energy lingers and changes. Let go of control to KNOW and be in the flow and GO! (What?! I’m a third grade poet. How awesome!) haha


It’s the little things…..