Can you feel it? Sunday’s (11/17/13) FULL MOON in Taurus (at 25 degrees) is almost here…..

Themes with this full moon are:
building something tangible
self worth
and your resources – tangible and non tangible.

This full moon is highlighting an area of your chart that is asking to be released. Tap into the transformational magic of Scorpio and release the old so that you can build (Taurus) the new.

We all have areas of our lives that need to be illuminated in order for us to clearly see what is outdated. As Taurus energy can often hold onto things for longer than their expiration date, you can use this energy of the full moon to shine a light on what needs some adjustments.

We have quite a few other planets aspecting this full moon that are adding some intensity and instability, however, Taurus is methodical, steady, strong (like bull!) and embraces all the senses to fully take in each moment.

Between today and tomorrow be a beautiful, strong, sexy, and sensual Taurus Goddess and slow down and smell the roses….in doing so you will be able see, hear, taste, smell, touch, AND intuitively know what needs your immediate attention.

Embrace the beauty of the physical world (Taurus) while embracing your inner knowing (Scorpio)

…..Full Moon….Sun opposing Moon….balance the outer with the inner….the tangible with the abstract…ground your root chakra… up your crown….pull the magic from above all the way down to the earth….embrace… a Taurus Goddess…..