Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Today (May 14th) we have a full moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio at 3:16 pm est.

Look at your birth chart to see what planets/angles fall close to that degree in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and of course Scorpio. This will shed some light on what is being illuminated in your life, and where the energy is happening.

Full moons are a time when energy comes to a head. Emotions are heightened and things are bubbling over. This can cause you to have extra energy or on the other end of the spectrum be extra drained.

The energy of a full moon is not just on the day of the event (NOTE: as with ALL transits). It builds up, comes to a head, and then releases after which means the days before and the days after a full moon are just as important in the process.

As we are dealing with this full moon in the intense, beautiful, and profoundly psychic sign of Scorpio we are being asked….or in many cases….not asked just shown to tap into our shadow side.

It’s bringing light to the dark (dark does not mean bad) parts of your subconscious that need to be released.

The energy of Scorpio does that….it takes you to a place that is quiet, sometimes desolate, could be lonely….but it’s deep…profound and all encompassing. It vibrates and penetrates every inch of your being because Scorpio does not half ass anything. When it dives in, it dives in deep.

So use this energy (regardless if you are a Scorpio or not, as it activating something for all of us) to FEEL all those emotions that you’ve shoved in the back of your “closest”. They are there for a reason, however, just like an old pair of jeans it may no longer fit you….thank God you had them for your “awkward” stage but the NEW you….the new, confident, brave, and  whole you does not need them any longer.

As your trash is another person’s treasure, donate “them” to someone who needs them…or in other cases, share your wisdom from your old pain and heal someone else. Everything is there as a vehicle for transformation….whether its old “clothes” or old beliefs they had their purpose at one time and now it’s time to move into the next phase.

Just like Scorpio energy has 3 phases of evolution…the Scorpio, the eagle, and the Phoenix – rise to the level of consciousness that is available to you right now. Move out the old and bring in the new….no more “mom” jeans for any of you. There are plenty of styles that fit your curves no matter what size you are. Do not settle, do not make something fit that is not for you.

This image is a perfect depiction of how this full moon can help you break free from the chains of your restrictions yet it also tells the story of how this full moon is met with Saturn (discipline, responsibility, structure).

Saturn aspecting this full moon is like a traffic cop making sure you are following the right flow of traffic. It may feel a little restrictive but it’s bringing order to what could have been chaos. It’s also helping you to get REAL …as if Scorpio wasn’t real enough….this energy is about not cutting corners so that you can actually make something of yourself in the physical world. Transforming those old emotions into something concrete is truly magicK.

The 2 energies are helping to define you while releasing you at the same time.

So, is the image about restriction with the Saturn energy or does it show release with the full moon…or both?

As we live in dualistic world both are happening simultaneously. It’s all happening at once…past lives….present lives….future lives…..heal yourself now and you heal parts of your soul in other dimensions.

If any energy has the power to do it it’s Scorpio and we all have access to it right now.

Full Moon Ritual:

Ritual is a sacred act of intention, making space, and connecting.

Ritual is also very personal, what is good for you and feels right might feel wrong to someone else.

I am very adamant on helping you to re-connect with YOUR TRUE SELF, not follow instructions of someone else. With that in mind there are NO rules for ritual. Whatever is sacred to you is what your higher self is trying to tell you.

Some ideas: You can light a candle, you can talk to your guides, you can chant, you can meditate, you can go to the ocean, the forest, you can even lock yourself in your car parked on the driveway if that is the only place you can have space away from your kids (oh you know what I mean, don’t you!)

It doesn’t matter where you are, all that matters is you take a moment to stop your brain chatter and re-connect with your heart….listen to the sound AND feeling of your guides, angels, and higher self. Your intuitive abilities are heightened right now so use this energy to heal your soul.

Let me know how this Full Moon is fueling you! Or to find out more about YOUR karmic journey in this lifetime book here for a reading.

Happy Full Moon Blessings to you!!!