Happy Full (Super) Moon!

Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is filled with beautiful sacred energy all you have to do is open yourself up to the magic that is already present in the air.

I have to admit that my witchy side is being stirred right now.

(Cue car screeching sound……hold up….And by witchy I mean Goddess energy that is connected to the natural rhythms of the Universe. Not a scary witch with a big nose, pointy hat and dressed in all black….that’s the “Hollywood” version. I encourage you to step beyond that image for a moment and really embrace your own inner divine witchy Goddess as well).


Ah…yes…you know her…she is there within you whether you’re male or female.
We all encompass the masculine and feminine within us and a full moon brings this (often) hidden energy to light.


But first….let me take a selfie….


First, let’s get to the practical details so my left brain can settle down a little before we talk about ritual magic in a few.

(Sometimes often that left brain is like a teething baby…nothing will get them or it to calm down until you give it a pacifier.  So here is your left brain pacifier).

The full moon is exact at 6:38 pm PST (9:38 pm EST) today, September 8th 2014. 

This full moon happens to be a super moon which means that it is closer to the earth appearing larger and thus (I said thus) having more of an emotional impact on you physically and emotionally.

The moon will be lighting up at 16 degrees of Pisces and will be conjunct (meaning touching or blending) with the energy of the asteroid Chiron.


Why are full moons important?

Full moons are a time of heightened energy. It’s a time when we are at the peak and everything gets amplified. The glass is full and the water is spilling over.

This can mean many different things which is why it’s always important to relate the energy of the collective back to your individual birth chart so that you can see how YOU are being PERSONALLY affected.

For those of you who have planets or angles at or around 16 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius) this full moon will be amping up more energy for you in your life.

Even if you don’t know how to identify what I just said full moons have become “popular” because almost everyone can feel and relate to the potent, active, and often manic energy a couple days before as well as couple days after.

And when you feel it, it makes you go, ahhhh….this astrology thing actually might be true….

(YES! You’re getting it!)


Tip: when dealing with energy in general there is never a specific start or stop, energy is fluid and waxes and wanes just like the moon’s cycle. Learn to flow with energy and it will actually benefit you in many ways in your life. Remember, the more rigid you are with anything…the more intense the lesson becomes from your reality.


This full moon is doing a dance between watery, emotional, sensitive, and psychic Pisces AND the grounded, practical, service and detail oriented, craftsman of earthy Virgo.

With the moon opposing the sun (the feminine principle opposing the masculine principle, respectively) energy is moved outward and the Universe often uses people as a mirror to your soul.

Observe interactions that you had over the weekend as well as today and in the coming days. Is the Universe using someone to show you an aspect of yourself that needs to be healed?

With the moon is conjunct Chiron there is a lot of healing occurring on a subconscious level. Chiron is an asteroid that makes us aware of our deepest wounds…we all have them…and Chiron is the bridge to healing ourselves and others.

As the energy of the moon is blending with this asteroid and is in Pisces you may be feeling extra emotional, tired, and quite possibly even weepy.


There is a lot of energy in the air right now and I believe the next couple of days will stir up some more deep rooted emotions, patterns, and “junk” as well.

Practical full moon tip:

Use this as an opportunity to surrender into the full moon.

I often hear people say at the full moon you should do x, y, and z….well, you can do whatever you like, however, to be in sync with the natural rhythms of the Universe…which ultimately means you are getting in sync with your inner goddess….ahem…your intuition…it’s optimal to fully surrender into whatever the experience is that you are having now – allow something to be cleared out or allow something to be brought forward. That’s what full moons do.

At the time of a full moon the energy is already potent, it’s already set in motion (from that which you planted the seeds for at the previous new moon).


The best way to work with the energy and especially with the moon being in Pisces is to allow yourself to merge with the oneness of the cosmos, the Universe, the collective…whatever wording works for you.

You: “OK, what the heck does she mean by that?”

You get out of your own way and have faith (pisces) that all is already perfect (Virgo)

The energy of Pisces and Virgo is about moving beyond any boundaries to bring forth and unite spirit with matter in a way that serves to heal mind, body, and spirit of all.


And now for some magic…

If there was ever a potent time, it’s now with the Super Full Moon and the Virgo/Pisces axis with chiron and also a supportive trine to Saturn in Scorpio to bring things into practical matter.

Making magicK is much easier under a full moon….

MagicK (the K is not a typo) is simply causing change…transforming yourself…and acknowledging the power that is already within you to create experiences that you so desire (hopefully only for the highest good)!


Here are some recommendations to connect with and harness the energy of the full moon:

1) Automatic writing – which is simply moving out of your own way and letting your thoughts pass through you. Don’t judge anything that comes through – that’s your ego. Instead, write whatever comes out even if it sounds foolish to you, because when you are in a receptive and accepting state you can access your higher self who has more wisdom than your lower mind can even conceive.

2) Join a drum circle, kirtan, or yoga class. The point is to move into a receptive state where you are free from that monkey mind that we all have (oh yes! I sometimes have the whole zoo in there!) Rhythm, music, and breath work connect you back to your soul – where all your magic has been all along.

3) Get a massage. Pisces rules the feet and Virgo rules the digestive system. This is a good time to get the energy flowing so your chakras can become activated more easily.

4) Create a ritual space for yourself or with your friends. Bring in a symbol for all the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and meditate, dance, talk, sing, laugh….whatever you want to do, there are no rules. Listen to your intuition but most importantly, release and allow.

5) Charge your crystals. The full moon is a great time to clean your crystals. Just like humans they pick up energy and need a “shower” to clear them so they can shine at their highest potential. Place them outside and leave them overnight to soak up the energy of the moonlight.

Embrace, share, connect, and transform…heal your soul in this dimension and in others (yes, that’s happening…tbc…)


Allow your cup to spill over if it needs to, allow your feelings to be a guide for what needs to be healed, connect with the deepest parts of yourself that need to be integrated….but never project your stuff onto other people for you are always responsible for your own energy.

Remember, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Love light and magical blessings to you!

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