It’s here!

This full moon is occurring at 14 degrees of bright, happy, and sparkling LEO and will be exact today, February 3, 2015 at 3:08 pm pst.

The energy of the full moon is quite beautiful and positive for many reasons. Pssst….if you zone out now just know that it’s about playfulness, laughter, and celebration….as most Leo’s will tell you….it’s how they roll!

The high octave energy will last a couple of days and will be joined by expansive Jupiter (already in Leo) so….as Al Roker would say, it’s sunny, sunny, sunny in your neck of the woods! (Yes even you, fellow east coasters!)

Ok I admit. That was a little cheesy but I’m channeling my playful Leo energy…don’t shoot the messenger…..rather stand and applaud.

(preferably with bells and whistles on!)

Yes, do more of that please!

OK, let’s break this down and start with what a full moon is since I know Astrology can be quite confusing.

A full moon (in basic terms) is when the sun is opposing the moon in the sky. This allows the moon to reflect the light of the sun. They have a partnership. They act as a team. The Sun is the moon’s mirror and she reflects that just like in any relationship you have as well.

During a full moon she’s in her full glory.

We feel her.

We breathe her in.

We taste her in our souls because we are energetic beings and we feel the subtle….and at times like this, not so subtle, pull of energy toward us.

What does she ask of us?

Contrary to popular belief full moons don’t ask much yet rather they hypnotize us with their magic.

What I mean by that is during a full moon energy is always heightened.

This’s not to say that you won’t be able to control yourself (well….that’s a deeper issue that we don’t have time to get into here).

Kidding. Not kidding. 

Love you, mean it. 

Rather, that it amps up whatever you’re already feeling and the archetypal energy of the signs that the sun and moon are in come into play as well.

When the sun and moon are in opposition to each other (such as in a full moon) there is a dance that happens. This is similar to a Tango. You go one way then you go the other. But you can’t go both ways at once.

Balance and integration are themes. (Just like Libra energy and the scales)

It’s a balance of polarities.

With la luna currently in Leo and el sol in Aquarius we are being asked to use our individual creative talents (Leo) and apply them to a cause larger than ourselves (Aquarius). Apply them toward an effort that will benefit humanity. Help encourage and lead the world to greatness with your playfulness and ability to inspire others.

On a more personal level your intimate relationships need balance and integration of both parts.

Leo energy all that is personal and meaningful to self-whereas Aquarius can be slightly detached at times and is necessary in order to see the bigger picture without being emotionally caught up in any drama.


Questions to ask yourself under this full moon:

*How can you keep your heart open yet still remain unattached to the outcome?

*How can you express your love for another person without needing (key word) to have anything in return?

*How can you bring more balance to a relationship that you’re dealing with by stepping back to observe your reactions, merge with your higher self, and come to a compromise that meets your needs as well as you’re the others?

These are all questions to be asked at this time as the energy above is encouraging integration of both your masculine and feminine energies as well.

When you become more balanced on an emotional level (your emotional body) you can move through life with more ease because you’re not affected by the little things as much.

Quick fact:
Did you know that people born under full moons are more relationship oriented because that is how they process information. Even if everything else in their charts point toward independence, if they are born under a full moon they will be extra psychic (sensitive) and relationships of all kinds will be a central focus in their lives. This is how they are wired. They learn about themselves through the other. It’s their mirror and how they will experience life. 

(Bathroom break….your show will continue in 3…2…1….)

As all full moons brings things to light AND it’s mercury retrograde as well (until the 11th before it enters its post shadow period) there may be many insights over the next couple of days.

Don’t look for them though. This’s what messes up the flow for many people.

Simply live your life. FEEL your emotions. Let them flow but also bring more emotional intelligence to them as well (Aquarius).


Some more technical aspects of this Full Moon

This full moon is in a beautiful trine (120 degree aspect and supportive energy) to the ruler of Aquarius, which is Uranus.

This energy will help you break free from any old patterns and give you courage and confidence to….well….not really give a shit. And by that I don’t mean being rude or walking all over anyone else, I mean it in a way that gives you more spring in your step to break free from YOUR own limitations. Don’t worry what others are doing; all you can do is work on your energy which contributes to the consciousness of the planet.


Tips for harnessing the Full Moon energy

1) Release. Yes release. Just be. Feel the energy. If you want to set an intention you can as life is all about setting intentions and I always encourage you to have goals and this energy brings you forward to more positive outcomes. However, the energy around the full moon has already manifested. It could be from the prior new moon or one even before it.

Remember, your timeline is not the same as the divines. Our ego wants to control when things will happen and the divine says, let go and trust my synchronistic plan.

2) Charge your crystals. This is an optimal time to clear out the old energy that they have absorbed over the past month. Set them out in the moonlight or you can even bury them under soil if you do not feel safe having them exposed.

3) Leo is ruled by the heart so this is an opportunity to work on your heart chakra –the center of all life. Your 3 lower chakras come together with your 3 upper chakras and they all merge at your heart center.

This is where you manifest miracles. This is your gateway to your higher self which ultimately is your psychic abilities. All the chakras are important of course; however, think of this one as the electrical outlet, once you plug everything else into it you’re connected to the golden grid and divine matrix of life.

– Wear green, focus on your heart center in mediation. Cleanse your chakras. Roll your shoulders back and notice the difference

4) Let your creativity ooze out and allow your sacral chakra (2nd chakra) to jump for joy! What have you wanted to create? What have you been putting off that you know will bring you joy? Do it now with the expansive energy on your side.


Remember to step into your power as a creative and motivational leader. A leader might not always (initially) know how to do something but they think outside the box (Aquarius) to create (Leo) a playful, encouraging, and prosperous outcome for all.


*I choose to live a life filled with LOVE, fun, creativity as I shine my light onto the world….not to block theirs, but to encourage them to do so as well.

*I am a heart centered being.

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Love and light,

(Art by: Beppe Conti)