Anyone starting to feel extra emotional? Emotions going back and forth? We are moving toward a full moon at 25 degrees of Cancer on Wednesday the 15th which peaks at 8:52 pm (PST) and just might be the reason for your extra surge in emotions…..or needing to literally wrap yourself up in a blanket! (Cancer energy is good like that!)

Cancer is the mother archetype and the ultimate expression of feminine energy. I’m seeing themes here….with Venus still currently retrograde and now a Cancer full moon ask yourself if you’re truly tapping into your feminine nature. Now is a good time to embrace it in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you. The feminine is the receiver, she is the Goddess, and she is nurturing with herself and with others. She is accepting and powerful in her own right and she operates from her heart center.

Anyone with strong Cancer in their chart (south node, sun, moon etc.) knows how to nurture themselves like no other but they can also often retreat to their safety zones more than necessary. However, over the next couple of days allow yourself to be fully nurtured. Take extra care of yourself; feed your soul (literally and figuratively) with nourishment and appreciation.

Cancer energy, just like the mother archetype, encourages growth and helps facilitate that with complete understanding of emotions. Find out what your emotions are telling you right now and take steps to see your dreams flourish.

….Oh, and if you can, find a cuddling partner….Cancer likes that and it will make you feel more loved!

If you want to see what area of life is being highlighted for you, look to see where 25 degrees of Cancer falls in your birth chart.

Happy full moon to all!