Happy Full MOON at 22 degrees of Cancer.

The full moon was exact today at 6:34 am est, however, the energy is still valid for up to 2 days after and this one is a bit intense because of what I will explain below!

Cancer energy can definitely allow you feel more emotional and the need to “nest” and wrap yourself up in a blanket could be very strong right now.

It’s important that you o for it!! The way to work with the universe is not fight the energies but instead embrace your flow.

Remember: full moons bring everything to a head so it’s also a good idea to let it out, take a work out class if you need to, draw something, scream, dance, laugh, cry….cancer teaches us to be raw with our emotions rather than keep them undercover (as in cancers opposite sign of Capricorn).

But be mindful of taking it out with food. Cancer full moon energy can have a binge like effect since Cancers also like to stuff their emotions at times. (It has no mercy this energy! 😉

But on the flipside, when you are raw with your emotions (and I don’t mean dramatic and immature) I mean raw and truthful as to how you are feeling and fully expressing them without attaching to them it becomes incredibly feminine which Cancer is Alllllll about.

I have a Cancer moon in my Natal chart so I am pretty used to feeling my way through life…it’s your greater gift to feel. Feelings are attached to your intuition which as a women you are blessed with a strong one!!!

Even if you are not a cancer sun sign allow this cancer full moon energy to guide you to emotions you may have felt that you had to hide….now is the time to release and express…also make an apple pie if you feel called too! 😉

Ok that last part is only funny if you really get Astrology and the archetypes. Where my Astro lovers at?! 🙂

So I know what you’re thinking, ahhhh yes, THIS is why I’ve been super emotional the last couple of days.

Well yes, this is absolutely part of it.

But there is something else.

A while ago I talked about a Grand Cardinal Cross. When this was happening it was huge. It was off and on again in 2016 and it created a lot of movement for many of you.

Well it’s back! And this full moon is activating this cross.

A grand cardinal cross means that 4 planets are at 90 degree from one another in the sky. If you connect all these “dots” then it creates a square formation.

Many of you will read that squares are bad.

But they are not. I don’t do my astrology that way.

What squares do is put pressure on so we…and you can quote me on this….move shit!

We need squares to achieve things. And a grand cardinal cross just means that if you have planets around 22 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, cancer, Capricorn) then you have been feeling it EVEN MORE!

Let me tell you, about 4 days ago I felt so much rage in my body out of nowhere, it was as if someone turned on ALL my Aries energy, I was ready to FIGHT!

I have my mercury at 24 degrees of Aries. It was getting activated by this grand cross and since it was mercury (mind thinking, communication) in Aries (fire!!), you better believe I was ready to tell someone off.

You see this is human nature, we are emotional beings and we get triggered. The way out of it is to recognize that we are acting out of alignment with our true nature and NOT suppress it but rather allow it to flow out in a more positive way (if possible).

For example, probably not a good idea to tell off the Uber driver just because the Grand Cross is activating my chart….”excuse me Uber driver, I’m about to looooose my shit on you because of this Cross…it’s not me…it’s not you…it’s astrology!

ok yeah, so don’t do that and don’t blame astrology but do be aware that this is pushing MANY buttons and the full moon just added another flavor on top of it.

The good news: Nothing is permanent, this too shall pass shortly, and cardinal signs start things, they initiate so this is perfect energy to push yourself out of your comfort zone and begin something in the new year!

PLUS mercury is now direct as of January 8th and all planets will be moving direct until February 8th (don’t worry, life will be fine after that, there are almost always planets in retrograde because the outer ones move so slowly, it’s nothing to fear) so this is the time to initiate, to create, to begin, to plow forward with all things that you’ve been waiting on.

It’s a new year and this energy is supporting you to move forward. Don’t analyze so much right now, it’s about taking inspired action, it’s about going for your dreams and leveraging the energy to help yourself.

Now is the time. How is 2017 going to be different for you? I already know you’re breaking out of your mold, it’s changing….you’re changing…the cross has been helping you whether you realize it or not….you’ve gotten the nudge and now it’s time to take action.

Remember, you must show up for your life in order for the Universe to meet you half way.

Happy full moon, grand cross shake things up energy to you!!!

Love you!!