The Moon is officially FULL in LEO!!!

(@ 26 degrees of Leo)

Notice what emotions are coming up, they may have been wanting to come up for a while now and the full moon was/is the tipping point.

This full moon does have some structure to it with Saturn squaring the sun (which is opposing the moon). Saturn’s energy will keep things in check just when they start to feel like they might get out of control. But enjoy the intoxicating fun and loving energy that is in the air!

With mercury being retrograde your head is probably in a huge fog anyway (like mine!) but that’s good, this allows for more fluidity in your normally structured mind.

It’s times likes these that also allow you to experience things that you would normally fight against.

Surrender the ego push/pull and you may actually use this full moon to bring something new to light!

What’s being brought to your awareness? Where does 26 degrees Leo fall in your chart? This will tell you what is being lit up.

I’ve had many epiphanies today and grateful for that! You will too. Just allow them to flow through you. Do something to raise your vibration, engage in something that you enjoy, and relish in the playful side of Leo.

Just BE in the moment because when you’re in the moment, you’re fully connected to your heart center and more love can vibrate to and from you. This is also when information comes to you and spirit can “talk” to you. It’s really that simple!

Tonight, if you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day with anyone I encourage you to do something creative for yourself. Express yourself and your joy under the radiant Full Moon…it’s time you love yourself just as much as you love all the others.

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