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What exactly is a birth chart/reading and what can it tell me?

Your birth chart is an energetic map illustrating all the energies that you were born under at the exact moment of your birth. Thus, I use it as a tool, along with my connection to spirit, to identify the core of who you are and how you can best express yourself. A birth chart reveals so many elements; it still to this day amazes me! By the end of a chart reading you will have gained a better understanding of who you are and what your soul came here to do.

In your reading we will discuss your true emotional needs, lessons, soul’s purpose, life direction, gifts/talents, and even the challenges that you are struggling with – these will be some of your greatest accomplishments when channeled correctly. A birth chart also allows me to identify any areas where you may be holding yourself back and what old conditioning and thought patterns need to be changed in order for you to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of. Additionally, it reveals other areas such as love (the ideal partner for you), career, and so many other elements that make up YOU. It has been said that a birth chart is a blueprint for your inner workings. With that being said, once you see how you were “put together” you can “adjust” any areas that are not working in harmony. Awareness and knowledge are the keys to how you can truly access your full potential in this lifetime.

What is the difference between a birth chart reading and a horoscope?

In short, A LOT! A birth chart reading is specific to you; down to the very minute you were born. Every chart, just like every person, is entirely unique. We are made up of a conglomerate of energies – meaning we are not just our Sun sign. A horoscope takes into account the themes for each Sun sign; however, in brief, they may not always apply to you specifically as it depends on where your planets are located in your chart and their relative aspects. A birth chart reading is accurate and specific to YOU, whereas a horoscope gives a general flavor for each Sun sign.

Where are readings done?

All readings are done over the phone or skype especially for my international clients. Reading a person’s energy can easily be done over anywhere and does not have to be in person.

Are readings recorded?

Yes. After we are done I email you a MP3 of your reading so that you can listen to it whenever you need a pick me up!

How do I pay for a reading?

All payment transactions are done through Strip on my website to ensure the highest level of security as well as convenience. Additionally, all payments are due in full prior to your session and at the time of booking.

How long is a birth chart reading?

They are 60 minutes of psychic, mystical goodness! My goal is to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and enlightened. By the end of the reading you will have had several “ah-ha” moments as well as a better understanding of your life path.

Can I purchase a reading for a friend?

Absolutely! In fact it’s a great idea for a birthday present or if you know someone that just needs some guidance along their path. Simply go to my contact page, send me an email and I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment. After that you’re done! I will email you a gift certificate which includes all the details for the recipient. You can email it to them or print it and include it in a card.

Is a chart reading confidential?

YES! Anything and everything that we talk about is 100% confidential. As a professional I take your privacy and your concerns very seriously. There is no judgment on anything that is said, in fact I learn from all my clients. We are all teachers for one another in this lifetime – learning goes both ways.

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