Happy Autumnal Equinox! (And for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Vernal Equinox to you!)

Several changes are occurring in the cosmos and as these changes are energetic shifts…and we are energy as well…they influence our lives in both subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.

As we know time does not really exist, however, in the 3rd dimension, which we are in, we created this concept of “time” to help give definition to our linear minds.

Though, when connecting with spirit, there is no time as we know it.

However the equinox is a way for us here on earth to celebrate the passages of time and mark the transition from one energetic phase to another.

For those in the northern hemisphere it’s a way to transition into Fall and also prepare for the interior and exterior changes that are to come.

Some interesting facts:

The word equinox translates to equal night, meaning the 2 times a year when we have an equinox (March and September) the day and night are equal in length.

After this, in the northern hemisphere, the days become shorter as we prepare for winter and turn inward to concentrate on our spiritual and inner world.

This balance of equal day and night echoes the archetype of the Sun’s entry into Libra – the sign of partnership and balance.

Here we are asked to take a look at ourselves in context of another (because as we know everything that occurs externally is a reflection of the interior and vice versa).

As above….so below…

Questions to ask yourself:

After a long summer of getting lost and exploring the world where do you need to get your life back in balance? And how can you see your relationships as a mirror of yourself?

The equinox is also the day the sun moves into Libra!

Libra is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs are about beginnings, thus this equinox is a way to start new.

It’s no wonder that many religions such as Hinduism and Judaism celebrate the start of their New Year in the Fall (Diwali and Rosh Hashanah respectively).

Remember, everything, every religion, and every energetic phase is all connected if you dig deep enough to see the truth in all…we are all one…we are all connected.

Tips for connecting to the energy of the Equinox:

1)  Begin to notice the changes around yourself. The sun will rise and set at different times, the colors of the leaves begins to change and people around you begin to slow down. When I used to live in Boston (loved it!) I could literally smell fall in the air. The energy was welcoming and it was as if you could drink up the crispness in the surrounding air. Begin to get in the flow of noticing what’s happening around you. This is the quickest way to sync up with the rhythm of the Universe.


2)  Slow down…this is oh so feminine and juicy! 

After a long summer filled with exterior distractions and running around it’s time to come back into your body by grounding and connecting your heart to the earth. Rituals and routines are a great way to connect you to something greater than yourself.

3)   Begin to change your diet as the season changes as well. There is something primitive, organic, and honest about eating seasonal foods. There is a reason why people ate like this way back when…you know…before iPhones and all 🙂

4)  A beautiful ritual you can do is float a candle down a river as a symbol that the sun, in its current cycle, is moving away from you.  If you don’t have access to a river (for those who don’t have one in their backyard…clearly!) you can visualize this experience in a meditation. Visualization is a powerful tool for connecting you to spirit and the pulse of the Universe.



For now, the idea is to honor the changes that are occurring internally and externally as well and bring the light and dark into balance in order to assist with the sacred reunion of your heart.

….Light and dark

Yin and yang

Masculine and feminine….

All is good, all is in balance, and all is exactly as it should be for you on your sacred journey.

Accept and honor both and you will shift your vibration tremendously.

Happy equinox to you!

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