We have an energy shift that means business and you’ll be feeling it in your bones, literally!

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline, structure etc. is moving into its sign of Capricorn which also represents all those keywords so there’s a double emphasis on sorting through, taking serious stock in, examining, restructuring, and rebuilding the components of your life that need a little more solid ground to stand on.

The big news: Saturn moves into Capricorn where it hasn’t been for 30 years. Wherever Saturn is moving through it brings about a serious tone because it is basically saying, hello let’s take a look at this, it’s time to stop slacking off and get to work. Yes work! Oh how Saturn and Capricorn both LOVE to work. 

Look to see where Capricorn is in your chart and this area of life is going to be under construction. And by under construction I mean, it’s time to take a serious look and decide what’s working and what’s not. It’s time to bring more discipline into that area of life and commit yes, truly commit to building the foundation like you never have before. 

Here’s the thing though, both Saturn and Capricorn are connected to chronos which is time here on earth so this is not a quick overnight rendezvous. (That’s the job of Uranus!) Saturn is about masterly so it will slowly create new structures from the ground up and in doing so you WILL learn and mature (another Saturn keyword!) because Saturn doesn’t let you slack. It’s karma and directly connected to your deep lineage so there can be some ancestral restructuring going on as well even if it’s not as obvious at first. (As above so below). 

As I mentioned you have some time. Saturn will be in Capricorn until 2020 and even after it moves out you’re still taking what you learned from that cycle and continuing the journey. Saturn is in it for the long haul, so take some time right now, find out what house Capricorn is located in, in your birth chart and understand this is where you have some karmic cleanup to do. It’s not personal…it’s just Saturn…he’s just here to help make sure you do the job and do it right! After-all it is your Karmic duty, says Saturn. Even more important is where you have Saturn placed in your birth chart this shows you your karmic responsibility in this lifetime and one of my favorite planets to help client’s understand their purpose! 

And fyi, Saturn rules your bones, teeth, and your skin. It’s the shell of who you are as well so you’ll be taking a look at your body in a different way and also learning to appreciate it for the ancient wisdom (Saturn) it carries rather than comparing it to everyone else. This is how you mature with Saturn – you learn to love the aging process because just like wine, you only get better with time!