I see many life coaches, motivational speakers etc. out there and yes there are a lot of great ones, however, I think many are scared to step into the metaphysical realm because it seems to “woo-woo” for lack of better words. But this is the thing….

We are all energetic beings.


Everything is energy.

To ignore this component and work on healing yourself is like taking a shower and not using soap.

We are all psychic. We all have the ability to connect to spirit and receive information. Actually, it happens every day but many are not aware that it is coming from spirit vs. their head.

Yes, it’s so important to learn to work with your mind so it does not control you. Changing your thoughts is huge, however, leaving out the energetic part of healing is only addressing half of the issue.

You are more than just your mind. You are multi-dimensional beings with mind, body, and soul.

As I said, everything is energy and this include the planets. Every energetic being carries with it different information. Your birth chart…the moment of your birth….is a snapshot in time of the energies that you were born under.

I feel the rhythm of each planet and blend it together to compose a dance…a story of your life.

That is what I do and one of the ways I feel energy.

For you, the first way to learn to work with energy is to start by shifting the way you perceive things. If you start to see everything around you as energy you will then react differently to it.

Start slowly.

Take your time with this concept.

This is about a shift in consciousness not a quick get rich program or a buy this e-book and read the 10 easy steps to a better life kinda program. (I for one am so sick of seeing that on facebook and everywhere else).

Start by understanding that everything is energy. Yes, that includes YOU. Your physical body is just one of your many bodies that make up your ‘being’.  You are surrounded by energy that is not a dense as your physical body, so it is not always visible to everyone…at first.

It’s important to learn to ‘clean’ your energy bodies just as you would your physical body. Meditation, salt baths, and sage are all great ways.

But for now the most important thing is to observe. Look at the trees, flowers, cars, chairs, rocks….everything….look at them and understand that each carry with it a unique vibration. Hold something in your hand…touch it….close your eyes and what do you see, hear, or feel?

Try this and let me know!