As you know April is a powerful month of astrological events and in the morning of April 15, 2014 at 3:42am(ish) EST, we have a Lunar Eclipse occurring at 25 degrees of Libra.

This kicks off the 3 events that are going to unfold in April and make huge changes (if they haven’t already) in your life!

(Click here for times of the eclipse)

Let’s first start with what a Lunar Eclipse is. 

A Lunar eclipse is when the light of the moon is obscured by the earth – this can only happen when it’s a full moon. As we know, full moons are a time of heightened emotions and they directly affect the tides here on earth. Add an eclipse to the mix (of a full moon) and it becomes a “stressful” event. Note: stressful is not necessarily negative; it’s just about the energy being amplified as I’m sure you’re already feeling!

When the light is blocked (for a period of time during a lunar eclipse) we as energetic beings are reintroduced to the shadow side of ourselves.

This is a time when your unconscious starts to take center stage and you go where no man wants to go…. you tap into that side of yourself that has been pushed down for some time. Those suppressed emotions…the crap that you thought you got rid of in Jr. High. Nope…don’t worry, it’s still there! But also don’t worry because you are cleaning house like you’ve never done before!

Those who have a Pluto in hard aspect to the Moon in their natal chart know what this means. Those suppressed energies are starting to rise and will bubble over during this time.

Let them come up and clear them out. Do not push them back down again. But also remember to observe them instead of identifying with them. That is key. These are old energies and anything that is coming up right now is a clue to let you know what needs to be shifted in your life. They are there to help guide you to your own light.

Let them be a source of inspiration rather than destruction of your mojo! 

Is it emotional? Yes.

Is it stressful?  Yes.

Will things change? Yes.

Where and how?

That depends on what this eclipse point is touching in your birth chart as it’s different for everyone. Don’t worry, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, your soul has already planned this out ahead of time…you signed up for this. (Something I have to remind myself time and time again as I forge through uncharted territory building this business. As anything new, it can be scary as hell but you have to dig deep to find the strength in yourself and keep going).

When an eclipse takes place, the earth’s geomagnetic field is altered and every living creature on earth, that is, any being having an individual bio magnetic field is also affected by an eclipse.” (Christine Arens)

With the Full Moon lunar eclipse occurring at 25 degrees of Libra themes of partnership, balance, equality, the “we”factor, and how we relate as well as the opposite Aries….the “I” factor, leadership, courage, self …are all brought to the forefront.  Both sides of the spectrum are being called for adjustment and need to be balanced.

Those who tell you that balance is crap and is not true do not understand the dynamics and the workings of the Universe and energy. Everything in the Universe must be balanced. From a micro to a macro level…just look around in nature and you will see the bigger picture.

A Tibetan monk told a group of us after a mediation class that, “the best things come to you when you are balanced”.

Speaking of bigger picture…..

It’s also very important to note that just because the eclipse is taking place on April 15th it doesn’t mean something is going to happen for everyone on THAT day.

Eclipse related energy can be a week to a month before or after and in some cases up to 6 months. According to Susan Miller, eclipse energy can be felt 1 month to a day later (May 14th) plus or minus 4 days. Or a month earlier (March 14th) and also plus or minus 4 days.

I know you’re thinking… do I know what is going to happen to me then?? Good question, however, I want to make this very clear that what is supposed to happen will happen you don’t have to do anything to make it happen. This is an important lesson that I believe we are all learning….to surrender control because you don’t have control over everything, only how you react to a situation or circumstance.

Eclipse related activity is destined; it’s connected to your spiritual growth and higher purpose. This eclipse is also connected to one that took place back on October 18th, 2013. Think back what happened around that time? This is a continuation of that.

This eclipse is also connected to a series of 4 eclipses occurring at 6 month intervals:

April 15, 2014 (25 degrees Libra)

October 8th, 2014 (15 degrees Aries)

April 4th, 2015 (14 degrees Libra)

September 28th, 2015 (5 degrees Aries)

Translation: we are moving on up! (Insert The Jefferson’s theme song….I just aged myself there, didn’t I?)

We can’t forget about all the other aspects that are happening right now, things don’t act independently of each other. Just as in your birth chart it’s not just about your sun sign…it’s how all the planets interact with each other that creates the story and symphony of your life.

The end of March was the first big bang that we got; now this eclipse is the next trigger for the new portal of change that is occurring which will go until about mid-summer.

Everything is connected and this eclipse is like the bread on a sandwich with the meat in the middle….or veggies for all the Vegans out there! (the meat/veggies = the Grand Cross) and the next eclipse on April 29th is the other end of the sandwich bread. They are all doing their doing their own things yet working together as one. Just like the atoms in your body.

Besides relationships, this eclipse is encouraging and opening you up to new perspectives.

At the same time we also have Mercury (mind, thoughts, perception, communication) making a square (forcing change) to Jupiter (expansion) and conjuncting (touching) Uranus (electric energy, liberation).

This is about new sudden insights and expansion of your lower mind. It’s time to open your mind and shift your thinking. It’s time to move away from those limited beliefs that were keeping you stuck and move forward into new light…and new awareness.

Be aware of any new insights you get at this time and don’t disregard them – that’s your connection to spirit. Your throat and crown chakra are opening up and you are receiving information from a higher perspective.

Remember you can’t think small if you want to be huge and receive huge gifts from the Universe.

We also have Pluto stationing retrograde today (April 14th, 2014) marking another turning point in the huge energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross that peaks the week of April 20th, 2014. (more info to follow on that).

Pluto is about transformation. With Pluto energy it’s a gradual process of detoxification. Now that Pluto has stationed retrograde the energy is moving inward and is ready to receive. Remember, Pluto’s energy is not instant like that of Uranus; it’s a process of evolution where one belief slowly dies so that another one can be reborn. This is part of the shift in consciousness on a Universal level that is happening with the grand cross.

So what the heck does this all mean for you???

The main goal of all these astrological events is about change. It’s an opportunity for new energy, new experiences, and new lessons to emerge that have not been ready to show up before.

Eclipses offer us new, quick pathways to experience this energy. The old gets left behind and it’s up to you to align your energy with the bigger picture of what you want.

I realize that change is never easy (especially for people with a lot of fixed energy in their charts…Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) however, it’s necessary as nothing in the Universe is static. AND it’s a lot easier than holding onto something or someone that is not meant to be in your life.  That holding on and digging your feet in the ground is painful and makes any process worse.

As I wrote yesterday on my Facebook page….

You might not like everything but you have to accept it. Be at peace with the current moment and you will be in a place that most aspire for. That energy will help you change your current circumstance because there is less resistance and more flow…it allows room for miracles to show up and miracles are happening this month.

The energy that is happening is nothing to be scared about. If you approach it with awareness, love, and an open heart/mind the energy will pull you to higher levels that you desire to be in.

Throughout these emotional times remember to:

1) Ground your energy

2) Meditate so you can clear the clutter, fears, and anxiety from your head and hear your higher self more clearly

3) Take salt baths to clear your energy field

4) Cut energetic cords and remove peoples energy from your aura as you absorb it daily

5) Rest and pamper yourself as needed

6) Use all this motivation (aka forced change) to fuel you into a new direction if you are so called

7) Breathe

8) Smile!!!

…..Don’t worry, it’s not like we haven’t experienced intense energies before. The world has always gone through major astrological periods of change and you’ve/others have lived through it.

Remember, there is MAGIC in the air right now. Be open and continue to move forward…you may just get what you’ve always been wishing for….I hope and pray with all my heart that whatever is for your highest good comes to fruition for you in the physical world!!! xo

Eclipse Mantra: I am rooted but I flow – Virginia Woolf 

**Please share this post with anyone who needs guidance and awareness during this time (aka…everyone!) Or you can book a private reading with me to help you understand your path.

Feel free to leave a comment below about how the energies are affecting you and I will reply when I can!!

Love and Light!