I am honored and delighted to have been interviewed by one of the most amazing Yoga Instructors I’ve ever known. Trust me, I’m not just saying this because she has come to be a fast and furious friend as well…scout’s honor! Let’s just say that when I leave her yoga classes I feel like I’m walking on clouds – and that’s a nice feeling for this grounded Taurus!

After sitting down and doing an in depth chart reading with Elise I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me to do an interview for her new ‘Inspire Me’ column on her website.  Obviously, how could I say no?


Below is my interview on who I am, why Astrology, and some random facts about me.  For the complete interview please go to her website here:


How did you first become interested in astrology?

A coworker from an old job (see everything happens for a reason!) read my chart one night and I was blown away with how accurate it was. He barely knew me, yet he was able to tell me personal things about myself. I went home that night and literally read everything I could about Astrology until the sun came up! No joke!! That was the beginning and the passion hasn’t stopped since. Several classes later and a bookshelf full of astrology books I’m smitten!


What drives your passion?

Knowing that I can help people on their path and I can make a difference in their lives. That fills my heart with so much joy!


What inspires you?

Living a life filled with purpose and meaning. It sounds cliché but it’s the truth. If I’m not passionate about what I do, I just can’t do it. That saying, fake it till you make it does not apply to me. I have to truly feel it from within.


5 of your favorite things:

In no particular order: lululemon yoga pants (when form and function come together my design background loves it!), Olive oil (Spanish olive oil is the best and it’s a great beauty treatment as well), laughter (I laugh at myself all the time!), traveling, sunsets on the beach.


How would you define your chart reading style?

The first thing people should know about me is I am as real as can be! I’ve been told I have a way of putting people at ease and making them feel comfortable. So I make the chart reading like a conversation between friends, I never judge anything that I see. We all have stuff we need to work on, that’s why we’re human! And I try to deliver the messages in the most compassionate way possible…and a little laughter along the way is also healthy for the soul.


What sets you apart in your field?

Great question! I not only use my logical side and my trained astrological background but I also use my intuition and clairvoyance as well to receive messages when doing chart readings. This combination allows me to get to the heart of the most pressing issues that their soul needs to know and transform.


What are your greatest challenges?

Currently it’s starting my own business. I left the corporate world behind to follow my dreams and heart. Although I have been blessed with clients thus far, starting a business is always a leap of faith and I literally jumped into the unknown!


What are you manifesting in your life right now?

My twinflame! Yup, leave it up to me to not even settle for my soulmate, of course I always have to step it up a notch. True love; mind, body, soul connection is what I came here to experience.


What’s your roadmap for finding your “Bliss”?

I always follow my heart and listen to my gut even if it’s different from the norm. I don’t worry if people will think it’s weird because when I’m honest with myself and follow my heart I find I shine even greater than I could have imagined. When you truly look inside and follow your heart the universe supports you in every way.


5 things that make you happy:

Using my gifts to help people, game nights, my friends & family, traveling, being in nature.


One thing you could not live without:

High thread count sheets. Heaven! (This is my Taurus sun talking)


If you could share ONE thing about yourself with the world, what would it be?

I’m working on strengthening my connection with spirit so I can help people connect to those who have passed over. It’s part of my destiny and I’m here to show people we all have these gifts, it’s just energy – which we all are.