And the energy reports continue as we have a lot going on in the stars right now which in reality means we have a lot going on inside of us right now. Remember, we are not separate even though it appears as we are..hence the mirror of life.


Today, after 7 years in Pisces, Chiron moved into Aries where it will remain until 2027. (For reference it hasn’t been in Aries since 1969. It’s fascinating to look at what current events were happening then after I describe the energy of Chiron.


Let’s first talk about the Greek Mythology of Chiron to help you better understand what is going on here. (Greek mythology comes from the same archetypal field as Astrology) . Chiron was a seer, teacher, and astrologer. He was part centaur and part human (this duality is very symbolic). Upon birth he was rejected by his mom and his dad didn’t know about him at all. So in essence he was born with a wound that runs deep which is also symbolic for this energy in your birth chart.


Later on as the story goes, Chiron was wounded by a poisonous arrow in his left foot. However, since he was immortal he could not die so he continued to suffer. Throughout his pain and suffering he had to deal with many lessons. One being the fact that he was different (half man, half horse) which is symbolic for our duality here for all of us – the split between matter and spirit AKA being a human being in a body yet being a spirit in a body as well. He felt different. Chiron is where we feel different because we are and this is our magic. His journey was about integrating and healing all parts of himself and even though he was suffering from the wound daily, he continued to learn more about all aspects and the mysteries of life, spirit, healing and was revered as a prominent teacher. Hence the term many of you have heard for Chiron – the wounded healer.


What do we learn from this? We all have Chiron someone in our birth charts. We all carry a wound with us that runs deep in our cellular memory. It will truly feel like a wound which causes pain. It’s not obvious for everyone. It takes a good amount of awareness of self to even understand it. Hence the many layers of astrology. As you evolve you begin to understand more about yourself. All is reveled in time. However, this pain once transcended is your greatest gift and source of power. To be able to overcome your own victimhood and go on to use your personal experiences to touch the lives of others is what Chiron is all about. It’s about establishing the balance of human and spirit, and acknowledging that the two work together. Chiron was a metaphysical healer. You can even see this concept portrayed in the sky. Chiron sits in between Saturn (the body, the physical matter) and Uranus (which rules spirit and kundalini awakening). As above so below. The stars are mirrors to our consciousness. It’s not fluff or woo, it’s as real as it gets. Once you understand this you are given more keys to life’s treasures. 


So going back to Chiron moving into Aries, this is a collective shift (vs. personal one in your birth chart). With collective energy is evolves over time. It’s not about one thing happening, its a movement of energy (quite literally) that shifts consciousness for all of mankind. That is how astrology plays into the bigger picture of the world. Once you understand the archetypes you can understand the shifts we are moving toward.


Let me blow your mind for a moment here. As I was writing this, this came through me from spirit. Let me explain. Aries is masculine energy, it’s aggression, its our will, it’s how we fight, it’s how we compete, it’s our anger. With Chiron moving into Aries we are collectively moving toward healing the collective anger of the world and drumroll please….the wounded masculine energy in ALL of us and that which has been brought to light over the last few years. This is huge and mark my words you will look back on this era and say remember when we lived in a patriarchal society that was run on aggression and fear? Remember when the wounded masculine thought they could control and suppress us? Remember when? Yes, well I’m not promising it will be 100% “healed” because no one can ever say that, and this is not to blame men, this is the masculine in all of us as well as the dominance that currently surrounds us but it will be completely different after its journey through Aries. Remember, on earth there will always be duality and as Chiron teaches us…it’s that balance between the two opposing forces that creates wholeness inside us all. Heal your wounded masculine and we heal the world. xo


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