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Gemini Archetype & Gemini Season

We are ready to mix things up from the consistency of Taurus. This should be an interesting time with all that’s going on in the world and as the collective north node is already in Gemini and we are seeing even more now than ever how much information is being passed around…and in typical Gemini […]

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Your August Eclipse Survival Guide

August Eclipse Q&A Ok, wow!!! Here you go!!!!! Soooo much info for all your questions!!! Enjoy!! Sidenote: I love how there’s an eclipse over the United States in August and I’m going to be in South America. #irony.  Or Maybe I’m the smart one? Kidding. Don’t worry.  But it’s going to be really impactful for everyone […]

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Reading the birth chart

Locating a point in YOUR birth chart: Since many of you have been asking how to locate this in your own birth chart I included a copy of mine which is a great example because my natal Mercury is going to be hit by the eclipse.  (Please excuse the sloppy writing as it’s tricky to write […]

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Energy and Healing

I see many life coaches, motivational speakers etc. out there and yes there are a lot of great ones, however, I think many are scared to step into the metaphysical realm because it seems to “woo-woo” for lack of better words. But this is the thing…. We are all energetic beings. Because  Everything is energy. […]

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