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Your August Eclipse Survival Guide

August Eclipse Q&A Ok, wow!!! Here you go!!!!! Soooo much info for all your questions!!! Enjoy!! Sidenote: I love how there’s an eclipse over the United States in August and I’m going to be in South America. #irony.  Or Maybe I’m the smart one? Kidding. Don’t worry.  But it’s going to be really impactful for everyone […]

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Reading the birth chart

Locating a point in YOUR birth chart: Since many of you have been asking how to locate this in your own birth chart I included a copy of mine which is a great example because my natal Mercury is going to be hit by the eclipse.  (Please excuse the sloppy writing as it’s tricky to write […]

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Energy and Healing

I see many life coaches, motivational speakers etc. out there and yes there are a lot of great ones, however, I think many are scared to step into the metaphysical realm because it seems to “woo-woo” for lack of better words. But this is the thing…. We are all energetic beings. Because  Everything is energy. […]

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We Are All Connected…As Above So Below

I woke up this morning and felt inspired to share something with all of you. It’s really personal, however, it’s been so profound that I feel it is in fact so very important to do so. I’ve always been a spiritual person, however, I’ve recently stepped it up a notch. What does that really mean? […]

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