look at the word



Aries is independent.

Aries is a leader.

Aries puts itself first.

Aries is self reliant.

Tap into that part of yourself to develop your boundaries. Your solar plexus will thank you.


When I see someone that does everything for other people and jumps when someone says to, always puts others first and negates their own feelings or their own needs/wants I (personally) and I’m sorry if this is sounding harsh but being honest because I always am, I subconsciously lose respect for them (not when my clients come to me, i’m talking about me in my day to day life) because I can clearly see that they don’t trust themselves so how can I genuinely expect them to show up as a friend or a lover or a business partner and expect them to be an equal?

I know that many people who don’t have proper boundaries and that do EVERYTHING for other people think they are going to get a “medal” and or praise because of all that they are doing and everyone is going to look to them and say oh you’re so nice etc etc…..but it’s a false sense of encouragement because inside that person is scared AF, confused AF, lost AF, and feels trapped AF.

You can still be nice, you can still be a good person, you can still be a great friend, lover, business partner and have boundaries.

Boundaries mean you don’t give your entire power away, boundaries mean you are not directed by other people, boundaries mean YOU decide what you want, where you’re going, what you’re doing based on YOUR needs not being carried away by the energy of others.

Boundaries are sexy. Jumping and throwing up energetically (because that is what happens when you give EVERYTHING to others) is not and all it does is attract more people take from you.

If you want equal partnership in all forms, if you’re sick of attracting people that are not showing up or you are fixing then boundaries are a must.

Shadow work: What is the part of you (persona/shadow) that has to please everyone else? This is the part of you that learned to gain confidence through validation of other people. This is old energy and is no longer in alignment.

The persona/shadow gets a high of people thinking she is so great, she/he acts out of alignment with herself and HER needs, she is a doormat, she has no self worth, she needs people to decide for her. SHE wouldn’t know real love if it hit her in the face because she doesn’t know how to love herself first.

(you wanted shadow work…this is tough love and I don’t sugar coat because this is how personas/shadows work!

Love you, you gotta go deep to clear the shit! This is often how I work one-on-one..