H U G E energy update!

**New Moon Solar Eclipse : August 11, 2018 at 18 degrees of Leo**

I want to start off with this since so many asking. Yes, It is normal to feel VERY tired right now. Or even sick. The energy is really strong right now. Your body is feeling it before your mind does.

Listen. To. Your. body. And take it easy. 

This summer has been huge. So many of you are clearing out old energy (which means you may have been getting physically ill. Don’t worry if you’re not sick. You won’t be. You would already know if you are experiencing this) and also you’re clearing out grief that you’ve been holding onto.

We are still in the middle of all of this so just hold on a little more.

Everyone feels things differently and everyone’s body reacts differently as well.

We have been in an intense window of change that started the beginning of summer.

This new moon eclipse which is the THIRD eclipse in a row is going to be a huge NEW opening. (but let it unfold. Don’t freak out if something doesn’t happen right away. Everyone is different). 

The first eclipse in July was a letting go. It was connected to the south node so we had to release someone. Some people. Some behaviors, etc etc etc.

Things after that eclipse until now have been under construction. It’s been confusing. You didn’t know where you stand, things felt like they were falling apart and many of you had breakdowns. (I know. I’ve talked to so many of you).

It’s ok. Things were being restructured. Then we have mercury turn retrograde which added to some confusion but things are always perfect. If they are not then they will change. You can change it.

Now we are entering something new. 

This is of course a collective energy. It’s impossible to know what will happen to everyone without looking at your individual birth chart. Which is why I work one-on-one with clients to help you with your soul’s purpose and moving through your karma and behavioral patterns.

Going back to the new. There is a BIG surge of energy coming in and especially for people with planets or angles around 14-22 degrees of LEO, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. (All the fixed signs).

Advanced astrology: In general I  tend to use a tight orb of no more than 3 degrees. Maybe even 2 sometimes. It depends on everyone’s chart and what’s going on with it. But for the general public I am using 4 degrees right now. 

Also if your birthday is within a couple days (let’s say 2 for safe measure) of this eclipse this year is going to be really HUGE for you.

It’s a time to step more into your Leo energy. Take chances. Fall in love. Be bold. Be brave. Be a leader. Show us all how you can manage yet still have fun and be creative. 

The window of opportunity is there but you have to do the work and the results will be plentiful.


After Mercury goes direct (August 19th) it takes time to go back over the old territory and then onto new grounds. Look to mid September and after for more implementation and things to make more sense. 


Take note.

When the sun, moon, and earth are in exact alignment as in a solar eclipse the moon comes between the sun and earth and blocks the suns rays from reaching earth.

The sun is our life force. In astrology and in astronomy. 

We can’t live without it. Nothing would survive.

Because of this temporary blackout shadows are coming up. 

They are strong now. But shadows are good and not to be feared because we live in a universe that has polarity.

When the suns rays are blocked we are forced to reset. It’s almost as if time stops and we are reprogramed.

I encourage everyone to take the time to feel and go into the shadows to emerge with more light. 

That is the point after all with Leo energy. It’s all about being the leader of light and love so that others can follow suit…..

Blessings to you and your shadows (yes. All of you) on this amazing cosmic event.


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