Your birth chart is a map of your soul, detailing your karma (the story that is played out over and over again from past lives), and your dharma (your purpose and why you incarnated in this lifetime).

Purpose is NOT to be a Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, etc…that’s free will. Purpose is SO much DEEPER than that.

Purpose points to what circumstances, experiences, people, and events your soul “signed up” to have in this lifetime. This is where you will spiritually evolve and at the end of the day regardless of what religion you are we are all here for our SOULS to EVOLVE.

That is why we came to Earth.

To learn, grow, and to be of SERVICE to others while we are here.

There will be times that are challenging, absolutely, and those simply offer you more gratitude for all the gifts in your life.

Attached is a copy of my birth chart. For those who can read it, it’s like me posting a naked picture of myself. You can see right through to my soul….my insecurities, my challenges, my struggles, as well as my gifts, my purpose, and what I’m learning in this lifetime.

I am not perfect (imperfectly perfect!) and anyone who tells you they are or have it all figured out you should run from. Especially a leader, a healer, and a teacher.

The work I do has no judgment attached to it. I’ve heard everything under the sun (no pun intended!) and it doesn’t phase me other than….how can I help heal this soul.

This post is not about me, it’s about YOU and understanding your SOUL’S MAP….your energetic blueprint and I often use examples from my own life so that you can relate.

What is your birth chart saying about you?
What behavioral patterns do you need to move away from?
Where is your north node?
What house is it in?
ALL these and more tell the story of your soul on it’s journey of evolution.

I recently discovered  that with the work I do, I’m a translator….I’ve always wanted to learn another language and I’ve tried many times, albeit it’s never happened…..until I saw my first birth chart and this language….the language of the stars all came back to me.

After years of many past life dreams I was also told by someone I trust that my SOUL …not Danielle…but my soul helped build the pyramids of Egypt. Helped to align them with the stars, helped to teach the principles of deep mysticism to others.

I was an architect using mysticism, magic, and science to create. Can we be 100% sure of this? Absolutely not. Does this define me? Absolutely not. But what I can tell you is that our soul’s gravitate toward what is familiar, especially in the early part of our lives, and it’s no surprise then that before I became a healer I obtained my Masters in Interior Architecture…

It’s programmed in my soul to tap into and pick up the patterns and behaviors that are not always seen with the physical eye. My soul has been reading blueprints for many lifetimes and your birth chart is the blueprint of your soul.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top the pyramids but I sure as hell hope to get real close!

In the meantime I look forward to helping you discover your soul’s journey then working with you to transform the parts of your consciousness that need to be awakened for your true potential.