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Many know about the natal moon they are
born with but…

Did you know you have a progressed moon that changes signs every 2.5 years! Yup!

This is one of the most important cycles to understand because it tells you what “flavor” or “pulse” or “rhythm” you are currently in.

And why do you need to know this you may ask?

Without knowing this I see so many people not understanding their cycles so they end up blaming themselves and fighting against their own rhythm.

They say I “should” be doing this or that. However, once you understand your current Progressed moon phase so many things start to make sense!

“Oh that is why I’m feeling more introverted” or “That explains why I have been so much more outgoing than I’ve usually been”

Your Progressed Moon is UNIQUE to you!

Everyone on the planet has a different cycle they are in which is why it always goes back to your birth chart.

Not general horoscopes.

Your Progressed Moon shows your current deepest internal needs which are experienced unconsciously and how you approach the world.

AKA, why you feel the way you do and why you’re doing certain things!

In this pre-recorded webinar, I walk you through STEP BY STEP on the following:

  • What your natal moon is/means for your soul & how it’s different
    than your PM
  • What your progressed moon is
  • Why the PM is one of the most important and helpful ways to
    work with the Universal energy
  • How to pull up a progressed chart
  • How to find what sign your PM is in
  • *Bonus: I go through EVERY sign and tell you what the energy
    means for each Progressed Moon phase so that you can
    understand YOUR own cycle! Mic drop… 🙂

Astrohack: Progressed Moon provided so much clarity for me regarding why my energy is being channeled the way it has been for a while and really gave me the freedom to lean into and explore what this cycle has to offer! I can’t thank you enough for creating these webinars for us - they’re each like a little (read: massive) trove of treasure! Already looking forward to the next one.


Learn how to track your UNIQUE
Progressed Moon phase.

On sale for $44 until 10/31/18
$55 thereafter

By the end of this 1 hour astro hack video you’ll know what
Progressed Moon phase you are in, for how much longer,
and what that means for your SOUL’s JOURNEY.

This is for you if

  • Confused about why you’re feeling what your’e feeling
  • Intrigued with astrology and want to find out more about your current soul evolvement!
  • Obsessed with learning more about the cosmic energy and want to understand your soul blueprint! Yes please!

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And one step closer to connecting
to the wisdom of your soul!