As the title says, it’s not always about the confusion rather Mercury retrograde is an OPPORTUNITY to REthink and REdiscover new things about yourself and your journey in life.

However, you will be happy to know that we are nearing the final days of this Mercury retrograde cycle! On Sunday, November 10th Mercury will begin it’s journey “forward” at 2 degrees of Scorpio and things will slowly begin to fall back into place.

What has been coming up for me is a lot of REvisiting and REthinking the roles certain people play in my life  – are they positive influences or just draining me energetically? The outcome: I have been taking this time to mentally (Mercury energy) clear out (Scorpio energy) the people that I am no longer in vibrational alignment with.

Being a Taurus I am extremely loyal. When I open my heart to someone it’s hard for me to let go and because of this I believe I have been resisting this process for a while now. However, once I made the decision to really look at how I love myself first I have been able to sense a greater amount of peace around me. I know I have already shifted the energy and at the end of the day it has nothing to do with them anymore but everything to do with the fact that I respect myself and in order for me to move forward on my path I need to clear the clutter and make space for more light to enter. 

One of the most important concepts that Astrology and my spiritual work have taught me is that everything is cyclical. Yes, I know we have all heard this before, however, when I analyze charts for myself and for my clients I can see first hand how there are periods of Yin and periods of Yang. It’s the beautiful dance between the give and take, in and out, up and down, black and white, light and dark that keep the Universe in balance and in harmony.

How has Mercury retrograde been working for you? Do you have any positive stories you can share? Not everything about Mercury retrograde is negative….again, it’s an opportunity to REthink whatever it is that is needs more attention and with the energy of Scorpio it’s about purging what no longer serves you on your path.

Feel free to share below how this energy has had a positive impact on you!

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Love and light to all of you! xo