Big astrology news this week – Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow (post to follow).

First up: Today, (June 25, 2013) Jupiter (planet of expansion, growth, and abundance) moves from Gemini into Cancer where it will be until July 2014!

While Jupiter was in Gemini our minds were on overload as there seemed to be an abundance (Jupiter) of choices (Gemini).

This was great for it expanded our minds to see both sides of an issue, however, the next year or so will serve as a catalyst for us to dive deeper into all things that really matter at the core….themes of home, family, nurturing, safety and security will come into play for all of us.

Expect real estate to improve, more women to shine in the spotlight, and intuitively I’m getting that we are going to see more curvaceous bodies in magazines…phew! Thank you! Curves will be making a comeback….although did they ever really leave? In any case, as we are tapping into our emotions don’t be surprised if we all tap into the pantry as well… just sayin…

This is a time when we can take all the experiences that we had while Jupiter was in Gemini and now apply it to our core values. We’ve had the chance to play, now we will want to nurture the ideas that we created. We will want to make roots….make new family, as well as nurture our existing.

As always, look to see where Cancer is in your chart and this is the area of life that will be enhanced, expanded, and will undergo growth that your soul is ready for.

I bring this up because it will enhance everyone in different ways not just people who are Cancer’s – although they are gonna get an extra bang for their buck over the next year!

As for me, I’m a Taurus, and I have Cancer in my 7th house of business partners/marriage/one-to-one relationships. Listen, I’m not gonna lie….I will gladly accept the gifts from the Universe! As I always tell my friends…my man is coming…he’s just on a horse…with broken legs…and maybe a broken nav system….Ándale!…. Ándale!  Timing is everything in life!

If you would like to find out how this will benefit you feel free to contact me for a reading and we will go in depth with your chart!