I’ve found myself lately…even more so than before…being consumed with reading, learning, and expanding my mind. (Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to introduce you to my Sagittarius rising!)  This week I’ve gone “inside”. I have a list of books I want read, a pile of books checked out from the library, and I’m probably single-handedly supporting the postal service with my delivery of…no not a new pair of shoes, a purse, or jewelry…but yes, more books! (Although I wouldn’t be opposed to any of the above…ahem…)

Mercury is going retrograde tomorrow, February 23rd, and it rules travel, communication, and your thoughts/mind. This is a good time to travel where no man has been before….you know…your subconscious. OK, joking aside it’s a good time to become more introspective and take the time to read, to think, to re-do something that needs fixing, etc. I for one foresee myself spending a lot of time either at the beach reading one of my new books or snuggled up on my couch and filling my mind with more knowledge. (nerd alert!)

Mercury will be retrograde from 2/23 – 3/17

I realize there is a lot of hype around Mercury going retrograde and with all due respect I’ve also noticed it’s a lot easier for people to blame things on anything but themselves. Yes, it’s normal for there to be delays, mishaps, and confusion especially since it’s retrograding in the one Zodiac sign that is not known for defining boundaries because they subconsciously want to merge…or we can also say, submerge in the oneness of all…yes, hello to our dear spiritual Pisces. However, as I mentioned in another post I would be doing you a disservice if I told you all to panic and prepare for armageddon over the next 3 weeks. That is not the point of Astrology. Astrology is about informing people of the energy cycles so that they can learn to flow with them instead of fight the currents ahead.


“The wind does not break a tree that bends”

– Sukuma proverb


With a stellium of planets currently in Pisces, don’t be surprised if your intuition is heightened during this retrograde cycle, however, I wouldn’t be so quick to act on any of your insight until Mercury goes direct. The energy during this time can be most effectively applied by using it to go back and REdo. Just know that you will have plenty of time to act on things as Mercury goes direct. In the meantime, take mental note, write it down, observe, re-think, re-organize your mind to be aligned with what you desire, re-plan your life, re-unite with someone, and most importantly – take a deep breath…or several for that matter.

It’s important to note that life does not stop during these retrograde cycles. If you must sign contracts, make decisions, etc, it’s OK, simply check and double check everything and know that there is nothing that cannot be fixed in the future if need be. Nothing is certain except….well, you know how that saying goes….

What you may not realize is that Mercury retrograde is a karmic time to open your ears to information that would not normally be in your consciousness as when mercury is direct. Mercury is also the messenger of the zodiac and as I said before, listen to messages that you receive during this time AND also be cognizant of people that come into your life under any retrograde cycle. Every time Mercury goes retrograde I meet someone new, they show up out of nowhere and have important lessons associated with each new relationship. Retrograde cycles are karmic on so many levels. Yet know that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever but be grateful for the messengers that show up, deliver the “package/information” and then move on for they have helped you get to the next level of your journey…and you the same for them. Enjoy your time with everyone you meet, and for the next 3 weeks make an extra conscious effort to be in the moment and be in your heart because we know for sure that you will definitely be in you head as well!

As always, it’s important to know where (through which house) Mercury is transiting in your chart and the aspects it’s making to your other natal planets. It’s these specific details that affect everyone differently and is what brings astrology down to a personal level. We can talk all day about general archetypes in astrology, however, applying it to YOUR birth chart is where the magic happens!

Double whammy for me as Mercury (communication) will be retrograding through my 3rd house of yes….communication/thoughts. (Fun fact, my 3rd house cusp is at 11:11 in Pisces…can we say, good morning Angles….good morning Charlie!)

Where is Mercury transiting for you? Feel free to leave a comment or question below!