New Eclipse series:: June 2020

Here we gooooo! As above so below. Always. Until you can understand that concept you won’t truly understand how the universe works. I’ve been saying for months that this summer is going to be wild. I’ve been telling you the shit is gonna hit the fan. Well. Here we are. 4 days out now until the first eclipse on Friday and we are in the heat. Look at the energy from the weekend and the energy of this week will be strong as well.

This is what eclipses do. They stir up energy. They are huge. If You’ve been following my work now for a while I tell you every time. If you come at me and complain about mercury retrograde I’m going to walk away. Lol. That’s nothing compared to eclipses. And I teach you truth no matter how hard the pill is to swallow.

Eclipses are agents of fate and happen every 6 months. They are game changers. They are cosmic events that move you up the spiritual ladder. They are here to WAKE YOU UP! They open doors and they also close doors. They speed up “time” and help align you with your souls purpose…not egos purpose. There is ALWAYS a difference. If you don’t understand that yet you will learn. Welcome to earth.

There’s a couple things (many things) to say about eclipses. First of all the energy of an eclipse stirs up around a month before. I told you all back when it was staring and now we are here. This eclipse on Friday, June 5th is the first of THREE in a row. We usually have 2. Take that in for a moment and welcome again to 2020 the year that is not messing around.

It’s all about structures collapsing and shadows being revealed. Pluto is so prominent this year so it’s very obvious to every astrologer – we are going through a dark night of the soul for the planet. We need to because the old way is not acceptable anymore. I’ve been through this so many times. It’s horrible when you’re in it. But this is the initiation for us to activate higher levels of consciousness and for us wake up dormant dna. There is so much coming BUT we are in the thick of it and not quite there yet.

As a collective we first must clear our our trauma. This is always what’s in the way. Your reactions. Your fears. Your projections. Your victimhood, your drama. Yes you AND the world (because its the same!) must clear that. Again I won’t sugarcoat. We are all adults. If you want rainbows go to someone else. The the astrology of 2020 is not that. And I ain’t playin either 🙂

This first eclipse is at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. (You all have sag in your chart even if you aren’t a Sagittarius sun. I have astro hacks and astrology classes on my website that teach you how to find the degrees in your birth chart if you want to learn).

This is a full moon lunar eclipse. Let’s put it this way. You know when there is a full moon and the energy feels heightened? A lunar eclipse is like that on steroids and this week the energy is potent!

Look at what’s going on in the world. The world is angry. Rightfully so! Shadows and projections are everywhere. And the veil has been lifted for all to see and change. This is not a coincidence. This eclipse has a lot of pluto, mars, Neptune and Eris in the mix. Translation. Pluto is going into the deepest shadows of our collective consciousness right now. It’s pulling it ALLLLL up. It’s deep and it’s dark and it ain’t pretty at all. The astrology reflects that. Again. As above so below. Eclipses poke at your buried pain so you can see them and heal them. Don’t be surprised if you’re extra emotional as well. This started about a week ago for many. Tears may be shed this week into next. It always happens around eclipses. Let me say this again. Eclipses alter the electromagnetic field of earth so ALL living organisms get upgraded and feel it even if not consciously. Your job is to use your tools and be responsible for your energy. Look out for the blame game. This is huge right now on a personal level.

The best thing you can do is heal yourself so we can heal humanity! This is what change looks like and it starts in your heart.

Remember, it always gets dark before the dawn but we still have a long way to go before the light. We are here in this moment. Let’s be here because HERE is where the magic is made manifest. THIS is how you shift – in this now moment because this is all there ever is and all that will ever be…but it’s perfect because it’s you and humanity is ready for a change. Let’s do this together.