Happy N E W M O O N in Scorpio!

Today we enter a new cycle and this one is going to go deep into our karmic closets.

The new moon was exact today at 9:47 am pst at 19 degrees of Scorpio – the sign that likes the raw energy of passion and transformation.

The sign that well…let’s put it this way….you don’t want to piss them off!

I’ll just leave it at that.

Let’s continue.

Today is not only a day of new beginnings; it’s 11-11.

Now…what I’m going to say is different from a lot of other people.

But I always give it to you real. Yes, this is a day of abundant energy. Yes this is a day vibrationally aligned with the cosmos. BUT as I read and fully agree with Dana Mrkich’s fb post from today, we are ALWAYS aligned with spirit and the universe.

There are some days when the energy is more bountiful and others when it’s not, of course.

However I want to reiterate this…what if you treated EVERY DAY as if it was 11-11??

How different would your life be?
Your outlook?
Your enthusiasm?
And your willingness to connect deeper with the universe?

As we move though this next 30 day cycle. I want you to think about that and see how you can incorporate this new idea into your daily life.

I had a dream….

Well, I did!

I had a dream last night that showed me some “stuff” that was hidden deep inside my psyche.

Well, it wasn’t that clear but since I’ve been keeping a dream journal for some time I can begin to understand the archetypes that dreams are displayed in.

(insider tip, ahem!!)

And no surprise about the inner “stuff” as Scorpio shines a light on all things that are hidden and below the surface.

Scorpio is a sign/energy that loves anything taboo. However, there is often some shame also that comes with sexuality, intimacy, and going deep – all themes and key words that are connected to this new moon energy.

Over the next 30 days whatever is lurking inside, must come up. Don’t worry, think of this as a new opportunity to embrace something that is a PART of you already, however, you’ve just shunned it down for some time.

Question to ask yourself –what part of you is ashamed or suppressing something that you know would make you feel more alive and connected but either your family or society told you it’s not acceptable.

You gotta bring out your inner LION/LIONESS, it’s going to roar at the world if you don’t! 😉

***New Moon energy/ritual work***

Scorpio is connected to the spiritual world vs. the opposite sign Taurus which is more connected to the physical world.

SO let’s focus on the non-tangible….that thing called energy!

(Ah yes! I remember you).

Sit in meditation, without an agenda, and connect deeply with your heart – your truth.


Allow your body to relax.

Let whatever comes up come up.

After however long you need to disconnect from all the chatter and static of life and Reconnect with your inner voice, write down 3 new energetic changes you can make in your life. (3 is my suggestion, there is no magic number but let’s not overwhelm ourselves here)

Allow this to come from your heart not your head.

(How do I know the difference? I know that’s what so many of you were just saying!! Am I good or what) 😉

You will know the truth by how freely it flows from your head/heart to your paper. This is a spiritual practice. I cannot tell you anything else, for you have to experience it to know.

Remember: this new moon is making a sextile to Jupiter giving you an opportunity to expand with something that needs to come out that’s been buried inside. Let it reveal itself to you. Don’t push.

Stay in the energy of LOVE, the energy of gratitude, and also trust that whatever is meant for you will happen in the right divine timing.

Trust the universe enough not to rush it. It’s working miracles and miracles take divine planning… let go and let be.

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