Salsa….I freaking love it! Some of you know I have been taking it.

It is changing my life on so many levels.

Yes, I love the music, yes I love the sexy dance…and the sexy latin men! Hello!! BUT it is moving me in ways that I didn’t know possible.

Literally and figuratively.

I am going to make this one short and sweet because it was so simple when I heard it.

We talk about being in our hearts.

We are not in our hearts when we are pushing our energy out, trying to control a situation, have fear, and are chasing someone or something.

Last night in Salsa class the teacher told us how the men lead and it’s their job.

She reminded the ladies to NOT anticipate their next move.

Wait what?!

But I’m the boss, it’s my job to anticipate the next move all the time…nope, not here on the dance floor!!

(Wow, yeah I could use that more in life too!)


Yes…don’t anticipate their next move because when you do you are in your head and not your body and it will mess up your dancing.

She told us to FEEL their movement to SENSE where they are going next and then follow that lead.


I honestly wanted to say can you please hold up a minute have to write this down for my emails!! lol

Ok back to the story….

In life…in love….in everything….we often anticipate and push our energy out then we often wonder why we as women aren’t meeting men or there is no more love/attraction in the relationship.

It’s because we are not in our hearts.

Just like in dance, when we are in our hearts and feeling (not literally…but as in sensing their next move) and going with that flow we give off a vibration of PURE DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY.

And it is beautiful.

Now, I am not saying we have to follow men and let them lead in life with everything….please know that this is just an analogy but a good one that that.

Less anticipation, more sensing.

That is so beautiful, so soft, so open, so receiving, so divine feminine.

This is one way to be in your heart. I teach you another very practical method/meditation in module 4 of how to drop into your heart when you’re in your head too much.

I can’t wait for you to experience it. You will go back to it many times…just like the course, it will be your spiritual tool kit…”it teaches you how to live and get through life with these tools”  (a client just wrote me that and I loved it…it’s so true!)

Mantra: I allow my heart to lead the way!