I talked about this on periscope today but I want to expand further because I see so much resistance to this all the time.

Story time…. so yesterday I got a massage. It was great. It’s been a while, I’ve just been busy and truthfully forgot I needed one! (human problems).

This morning I woke up and right away I felt a little sad.

I didn’t know why. Everything in my life is actually really great right now.

Then I remembered, oh! I got a massage!! Duh!

So here it is…whenever we move energy whether it be through reiki, massage, acupuncture, energy healing like I do for my clients etc. old shit comes up!

It was sitting in our energy field and because someone moved it we often feel it as it passes through.

It can sometimes be crappy!!

But it’s normal.

This is how healing works.

Often, we get healing, hire a coach, purchase a course etc etc. and we dive deep, we start bringing stuff up and this is what alllllllways happens with people…

“I thought I was doing better, and now I feel like I’m going backwards.”

“I don’t understand what is happening to me, who am I these days?”

“Why am I feeling all this stuff, I can’t get out of it”

And so on and so on…..

Here is the thing, it usually always feels worse before it gets better.

I can’t lie. I can’t pretend that that doesn’t happen.

BUT it is so much worse to “pretend to be safe” and stay in the same place. If you do, what happens is you wake up and 5 years have passed and you are in the same place.

THAT is wayyyyyyyyy worse than TEMPORARILY feeling the “shit” that needs to be cleared out from your energy field.

I share all this with you because when you are healing i.e. growing, changing, evolving, you must have FAITH that this too shall pass and you must NOT attach to the story of whatever it is you’re feeling. It’s coming up to clear out.

People get stuck because they stay in it. They stay in the story and the past. Then they shame themselves and it’s a vicious cycle.

Remember, it can get intense sometimes but THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

In order to get to the light you often have to go through the dark first.

When I first started seeing spirits I saw a lot of ugly creatures….literally…I would wake up and see all sorts of animals and things I couldn’t even explain right in front of me. It was intense.

Then over time I started to realize that I was literally going in through all my projected fears and the only way out was to keep going.

So no matter how you’re feeling, no matter what you’re doing….you have to keep going. I promise you, it will get better.

There is so much greatness yet to come but clearing and changing emotional patterns is a process. We can’t change our vibration overnight or our physical vessel (body) would not be able to handle it.

….Which is why I created the spiritual tool kit to help you get through it and clear out your blocks!

I’ve been there…I’m not someone who is in the middle of her dark night of the soul. I know I look young but I’m not as young as I look (thank you!) 😉

I’ve been through an 8 year journey that most people do in a lifetime. It was HELL! BUT mine was on the accelerated plan because that’s what my soul chose. It’s not the norm. Don’t worry!

That was my soul contract because I’m here to be a light for you.

Keep going. Happy days are in your future 😉

Mantra: I AM healing all the parts of myself so that I can attract the life I’ve dreamed of!!