There are many definitions of karma. You will read one thing in a book and then in another you will read something else.

I am going to give you my take on Karma as it’s been channeled to me throughout the years.

Karma- it’s not good. It’s not bad.

You are not being punished for something.

Someone “up there” doesn’t hate you.

The Universe is run on spiritual laws, one of them being balance.

Everything in the Universe must come into balance in some form.

This is why we actually have opposites/polarity (in a quick nutshell!) we must at some point learn both ends in order to bring ourselves and all vibration into balance.

When we are born we are not necessarily pure.

Yes, we see beautiful babies and they can do no wrong….but it’s just that they haven’t actually started to consciously process their karma yet.

What I mean is that when we are born we all have baggage that we carry into different lifetimes.

Sure, someone can be a new soul, as in it’s their first lifetime here on earth and incarnated into a human body, however, that is more rare so let’s focus on the 99.9% which is the rest of us πŸ™‚

We carry in memories from other lifetimes even if we don’t “remember” them.

They are in our chakras, vibration, cells, etc.

We also have soul contracts to meet up with people (which I mentioned in the first 11 days of light email). Through these soul contracts we balance karma.

Karma (in my terms) simply means that whatever you do it will come back to you in some form in order for you to see the full spectrum of experiences and feelings.

It’s NOTHING personal. It’s not. It is literally just how everything is balanced in the Universe.

We can’t mess with that. It’s beyond us and I also can’t even begin to explain how that all works because it is beyond my comprehension as a human, however, I get it. I get the information that spirit has relayed to me.

I know some people struggle more than others. I see it. I’ve experienced it myself.

Here is what I like to say….

We are all responsible for our own energy (changing it, managing it, growing it, evolving it etc) and we have FREE WILL to decide many things.

But we also have karma that teaches us things that our logical would try to get out of.

You have karma with your purpose.

You have karma with your family.

You have karma with your relationships.

You are not (excuse my language) fucked though!

Please hear me out.

This is how we balance our karma:

The more we meditate (because when we do we see things from a different perspective…module 1!), the more we tune into our soul, the more we KNOW our soul, the more we don’t just focus on exterior things….yet rather we learn to listen to our higher self/intuition, the more we show up and fullfill our karma (again, by healing our soul) the more we are in balance and the less emotionally painful life is.

Here is the thing – I cannot promise Purposely Divine will rid you from all future pain because that is sometimes self imposed and also depends on our consciousness level/contacts but….

I can tell you that the more you are in alignment with your soul purpose and the more you KNOW YOUR SOUL the less you will struggle when shit hits the fan…..and darling, we are human….so shit is guaranteed to hit the fan πŸ˜‰

I created a spiritual tool kit of PRACTICAL tips that you can do to unlock your souls purpose and be more in alignment with your soul contract and fulfill your karma in an easier way.

What so many of the past clients told me after they went through PD is it is something that they constantly go back to whenever they NEED HELP!

It’s like having a coach on hand ALL THE TIME whenever you feel shitty or slip into old patterns.

Again, I wish I had that so many years ago. If you are new and not sure of my storyΒ Click here, it’s a wild ride but I literally turned my life AROUND based on everything in PD.

Please also know, as I am not a bullshitter at all. We all evolve at different lengths of time. I cannot change your destined soul growth BUT I CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MUCH BETTER AND HAPPIER IN THE PROCESS.

Remember, karma is not out to get you. You are not fucked. You do not have a shitty life. You simply need to change your energy, consciousness, and perspective and you will never be the same again….in a good way! πŸ˜‰

Mantra: I AM thankful for all my experiences because I AM irreplaceable because of them!